Haley Heynderickx-Oom Sha La La

From Haley’s folk leanings, wistful lyrics, stellar guitar plucking, and haunting vocals, an irresistibly catchy tune was born.

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Cape Francis-Iditarod

A folk-driven ballad where Henthorn’s voice cries out alongside haunting back vocals, a piano, and a simple drum beat.

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Del Water Gap-Vanessa

There is a rawness and purity to the vocals and the guitar melodies which make me want to listen again and again.

Slow Club-Christmas TV

I hope you and yours have had a lovely holiday of giving, loving, and experiencing deep joy.

Loamlands -Restless One

With strong vocals and lush guitars, the tune, “Restless One”, is an empowering anthem of breaking out of the past and moving forward.