Mood Monday-Scott Orr-By The Way

Mood Monday

This is my view this evening…. It will never be captured with my cell phone as well as my eyes and my senses experience it, but it sure completes my mood for today.

IMG_9615 (2).jpg


Other than my picturesque moonlit setting this evening, what could be better than finding a new song, a new album, and a new artist?  I am rejoicing for stumbling upon the perfect indie folk song for my Monday Mood.  Although Scott Orr is a well seasoned singer/songwriter, he is completely fresh to me.

There is so much to appreciate in this beautiful track of “lay it on the line” expressions of love.  The song has simple instrumentation which perfectly mirrors the raw emotion in the lyrics.  As I listen for the thousandth time, I am feeling serious tugs at my heart.

Scott Orr-By The Way

” I’ll follow the same star that you are

following too,

and I’ll whisper and wander through the wilderness

looking for you….”


Scott Orr is a Canadian singer, songwriter.  In his latest album, Everything, he has a laid back style, perfect for a day on the cusp of summer, and the joy that comes from the promise of a new season, warmer weather, and the glorious possibility of personal growth. Out and about since March, I am just now exploring the album’s beauty and uncomplicated perfection.


From the simple plucks of his guitar, soft echoey vocals, and build of the song, “By The Way” impacts the listener with a fullness of heart.  The tune slowly blossoms at 1:19 to emphasize promises, tenderness, and forever love.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.47.40 PM.png



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