Sofi Tukker-Drinkee

Weekend joy! C’mon and dance with me!


Welcome the weekend with me!

During my DJ hour at WUOG last Sunday, I had a caller ask about this song. Clearly he wanted to add it to his dance party playlist. It is definitely on my fun weekend party play list! Let’s dance in the weekend!


Sofi Tukker-Drinkee



Photo by Shervin Lainez

Sofi Tukker is Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. They are planning to release an EP called Soft Animals in 2016 and that is about all I know right now. But what is not to love about a fun jam?

I am pretty sure this crazy talent is going to blow up, so mark my words and lend them your ear!


Here is my select song for you this week.

Sometimes it can be powerful to look back.This song sends me back to a pleasurable, thoughtful moment in time, and I bet it will send you there too.


Emily Sprague of Florist writes poetry and accompanies it with music. She bears her heart in her sing-speak style and as you listen you find it to be ‘deep in her diary’ personal, and yet it also strikes a chord because it seems oddly universal.  Along with her intimate songs, you have to respect her counterparts, Rick Spataro, Jonnie Baker, and Felix Walworth who accompany each song with a substantially important musical addition. “Vacation” is just one sparkly gem in the ‘mine’ of  loveliness found on the EP Holdly, which arrived on October 30 via Double Double Whammy.

“Holdly examines things we hold dear, things that hold us, and things we hold ourselves to,” Sprague told FADER over email. “Holdly remains calm all while realizing, living with, and wholly accepting the sad and beautiful life that every one of us experiences.”


Mood Monday-Here We Go Magic-Ordinary Feeling

Mood Monday.

Have you noticed Mood Monday comes on Tuesday mornings, lately? Well, never mind about that. I will try to get back in the groove next week. But for now…

this is a weekend for the happy, joyous record books.

Stone Mountain ViewIMG_6458 (2)


This was the kind of weekend which included laid back family dinners, a spontaneous hike up a mountain, a bit of shopping, and a funky dinner in an urban exploratory zone.

Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall-Atlanta Beltline


The absolute best moment was when I conquered my biking fear (after a face planting, toe breaking accident) and rode 41 miles. Scary unexpected tragedies can wreak havoc on the psyche, but getting on with my biking helped to squelch the fear for now. It also reminded me how the wind against my skin and the rush of nature speeding by, pleases me immensely. I love stretching beyond my normal everyday life.

Labor Day weekend was a little bit of this, and that, and the other.

Don’t you love the idea of having an extra day to do as you want to do?  When I think about my Mood Monday, I think about the happy chill of having additional time to hang out and relax and just experience the spontaneous joy of whatever floats my boat.

No one to answer to or jump for, creates a labor free Labor Day! My Monday was pretty awesome and made me infinitely happy. How about you?

This tune has been on repeat all weekend. I am in love with the soft and heartfelt sound of the band, Here We Go Magic. It is the perfect tune for a chill Monday and a soft, easy start to the four day work week. Everything about this song connects with me. It reminds me how lucky I am to be a music blogger. When I listen to the subtle but undeniable talent, my heart is full.

Just listen for yourself…



“half the time i’m lying

pushing pulling trying

making good excuses for my laziness

bad habits on the shelf seem to jump off by themselves

i’m my own defendant who’s the witness

lets not talk of love

who’s below and whats above

you’re only in and out of one or the other

dreamed i hit the wall

had a kind of call

dreamed i hit the wall

all i need is ordinary feeling

all i need is the beating in my chest

stay where you are

up against the ceiling

be at rest, be at rest

we had such magic dreams

as the holy body sings

now the cursed night

just brings that darkness

meanwhile all along we were

vital we were strong

something of the miracle of starkness

don’t give me just a fix

one of my stupid mental tricks

i only walk in one of four directions

do i wanna please me

do i wanna please me?

something seizes me

all i need is ordinary feeling

all i need is the beating in my chest

stay where you are

up against the ceiling

be at rest, be at rest”

Ethereal, contemplative and lovely, this song crushes my heart and sticks with me. I am so curious about the lyrics and the inspiration behind them. I have listened so many times trying to hear them all, but thankfully the band supplied the missing words that I just couldn’t hear. Every time I listen, I love it more. I am silly like that…I hear a song and it peaks my interest and then when I listen to it on repeat, I am either a total fan or I ditch it immediately. “Ordinary Feeling” is a keeper for sure.

Photo by Shawn Brackbill

Here We Go Magic was originally formed by core members Luke Temple, Michael Bloch and Peter Hale, in late 2008. The project signed to Western Vinyl in 2008, followed by the five-piece group’s signing to Secretly Canadian in 2009. They are releasing a new album, Be Small, on October 16th. According to Secretly Canadian,

“It’s an album of robust future pop that still continues its route through Here We Go Magic‘s inimitable path of fidgety prog-rock, blissful melodies and sound collage experimentations, but always with a focus on a deep groove.”

I am so excited for the entire album, but for now, this sits at the top of my playlist. I will play it again and again and again, “making good excuses for my laziness..”



Small Black-Boy’s Life

hello august

Fall is creeping into my life earlier and earlier down in the south, despite the rising unbearable temperatures and half of the country still enjoying vacations. School seems to start too soon and the preparation for the year is always a big production. Have you noticed that school supplies are stocked in all of the stores already? I can barely resist fresh notebooks, Ticonderoga #2 pencils, smooth gel pens, art supplies, and all of the lovely decorated push pins and magnets.  They are all my weakness.


school supplies

What is it about the changing of a season that makes me so nostalgic? Perhaps it is the loud reminder, time can’t be stopped and we have no choice but to move on with our lives. Tick tock goes the clock, another calendar month is torn off (goodbye July!), and we must hit the ground running, despite the feelings of wanting to stay in one place and be still.

Very still.

Unfortunately, there is not one thing we can do to turn back time. But we can revisit the past as often as we want with pictures. Pictures are so important to me. I cherish the moments that were captured from my own childhood and school days. I cherish the pictures of my loved ones as well. Each photo tells a story, and if the subject wishes to share the background, it can become a beautiful experience of learning all about another person’s moment in time. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

old photos

Today’s music arrived when my feelings were whispering these rolling, sentimental thoughts. Therefore, my music choice is so meaningful. “Boy’s Life” is one song on an upcoming album, Best Blues, inspired by the discovery of hundreds of damaged personal family photos after Hurricane Sandy. Listen with me.

 “Pictures of youth, picturing you”


Small Black is an indie band from Brooklyn, NY. The band is Josh Kolenik (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Heyner (guitar/keyboards), Juan Pieczanski (bass/guitar), and Jeff Curtin (drums). Josh explains his discovery of memorabilia in an old shed that was under five feet of water to T magazine author, Alexandria Symonds...

“In the melting boxes and floating Sega Genesis games, I found a slew of images and letters of my parents that I’d never seen before — stuff that maybe nobody had seen in 20 to 30 years,” Kolenik explains. “I didn’t know who a lot of the figures in the photos were, or who the letters were to, so I spent a week out there trying to preserve and figure out the story. I scanned all of them, bay bottom residue and all, and attempted to solve the mystery that often eludes, even as it’s right there in front of us: Where did I come from? Who made me?”


 According to Small Black’s independent record label, Jagjaguwar,

“To put it simply, Best Blues is an album about loss, the specific loss of precious people in our lives, but also the loss of memories and the difficult fight to preserve them. I spent months trying to scan all these images and letters, most covered with ocean dirt, and in doing so discovered what people often find in their family’s past: that they are a hell of a lot like those who’d come before,” says Kolenik.

One of his father’s photos made it as the album cover, and you can see it on the Soundcloud. The release of Best Blues is October 16th. “Boy’s Life” is full of swirling sound and hazy voices, mysterious and lovely in its progression and beat. A powerful musical interlude is filled with haunting murmurs and a pounding drum with crashing cymbals. Interestingly the musical arrangement was also a rediscovery of an earlier tune they reworked. What is temporarily put aside can become new again with creativity and purpose. Small Black is not new to me (1st Small Black blog post), but this song is fresh and mature while not hiding their unique, dreamy indie sound and soothing vocals. I am anticipating this album with crazy excitement. How ’bout you?

We are lucky here in Atlanta to be #2 on their tour list this fall. They will play The Earl on Oct. 13th, surely they will share their new music (hint hint!). Check out the full tour schedule.


Sun. Oct. 11 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter *

Tue. Oct. 13 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl *

Wed. Oct. 14 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa *

Fri. Oct. 16 – Austin, TX @ Red 7 *

Sat. Oct. 17 – Dallas, TX @ Club Dada *

Tue. Oct. 20 – Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar *

Wed. Oct. 21 – San Diego, CA @ Casbah

Fri. Oct. 23 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy Theatre

Sat. Oct. 24 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent

Mon. Oct. 26 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge *

Tue. Oct. 27 – Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret *

Wed. Oct. 28 – Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile – Back Bar *

Thu. Oct. 29 – Boise, ID @ Neurolux *

Fri. Oct. 30 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge *

Sat. Oct. 31 – Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge *

Mon. Nov. 2 – Kansas City, MO @ The Tank Room *

Tue. Nov. 3 – Iowa City, IA @ The Mill *

Wed. Nov. 4 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St Entry *

Fri. Nov. 6 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall *

Sat. Nov. 7 – Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory *

Sun. Nov. 8 – Toronto, ON @ The Garrison *

Tue. Nov. 10 – Montreal, QC @ La Sala Rossa *

Wed. Nov. 11 – Burlington, TV @ Signal Kitchen *

Thu. Nov. 12 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall *

Sat. Nov. 21 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right *
* w/ Painted Palms

Maybird-Big Sun Explosion

My Monday mood brings you the perfect tune this Tuesday.

“Objects appear a little more clear when they’re nearer…..”

Mondays can be hard. The reality of life sets in and the laughter and joy of the weekend subsides to the harshness of the start of a new work week.

My mood today is a bit worried about life, my wants, my fears, and my hopes.


Vocalized words of frustration and self doubt can create a tangled mess of confusion and trouble. Thankfully, time heals most wounds. Sometimes heartfelt fears can be subsided simply by facing them with clear eyes and a depth of heart….and the clicking tick-tock of time.  It also helps to have a heart of forgiveness.

My mood is fuzzy and unclear. But, I know what I love and how the music soothes my clouded mind.

Maybird fits that complicated bill today.

I have featured them in the past (click to re-read). I am hoping they will venture to my end of the earth one day soon. I recognize and appreciate their growth over such a short time since I blogged their new music back in-2013.

Maybird still claim that hazy, dreamy sound that captured me in the first place. Kudos to you Maybird, you are the sound that calms my mood today, with “Big Sun Explosion.”


“I saw a sight to see flying away from me
A wall of mirrors projecting it’s disappearance
Poor vision and poor health, what do you tell yourself?
Objects appear a little more clear when they’re nearer
I finally lifted my eyelids to see light, and when they were open
I saw the big sun explosion
The buildings tower high, the birds swim through the sky
The iris full color, the day just like any other.”




Maybird is Josh Netsky, Sam Snyder, Mike Schuler, Kurt Johnson, and Adam Netsky ( isn’t that the coolest photo?). They are from Brooklyn/Rochester, New York. Their full EP will come out sometime in September, so check them out on Facebook. They continue to be true to their experimental, smooth style.

Thank you guys for making my Monday and start of the week so much better!



Beecher’s Fault-Never Believe In You


We are finally here….the weekend.

Sometimes I think I wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, and then it comes and goes…leaving me in the ‘wait for it’ mode once again. I am not really sure why the weekend is so special to me, because I work just as much over Saturday and Sunday, as I do during the week. I guess there is a better chance for the rest of the world to come out and play. The weekend provides a nice excuse to hang around a little longer and slow down the pace of things, or in some cases…whoop it up a bit.

I was up and at ’em at 3:45am Thursday morning to take a loved one to the airport. You see I’m cool like that. But, the day proved to be a very long one because of this little hiccup in my normal routine. When I am at the Atlanta airport, I am overwhelmed with the amount of people filtering through Hartsfield for an exotic vacation, visiting loved ones/family, or maybe even arriving in the states for the first time. Wouldn’t you rather be sleepily dreaming about getting on your own flight for anywhere, instead of dropping off someone else realizing their dream? Money is too tight for me right now, or I would make those travel plans immediately. I hope to travel far away, one day real soon. For now, all my travel will be done within a day and by a highway. I still like to dream about flying far away and visiting places I have never experienced before.

This particular weekend everyone near and dear to me is traveling in opposite directions. I look forward to my own change of scenery, even if it is only a couple hours away.  I am attending a workshop to learn more about blogging and improving my WordPress account. Yes, I should be preparing my questions and ideas for upgrading my blog, but instead, I am listening to tunes that spark my mood and help generate thoughts in my mind.


I have to admit I have been stock piling some really good music. It comes at me so fast now (thank you for all those music submits), that I have to listen quickly and determine my immediate gut reaction. If I feel connected in some way, I go back later and listen to the song/songs multiple times to be sure what I initially sensed was true. Many times, I fall in love with a song, or a band’s sound, or maybe even a line of heartfelt, bold, or descriptive lyrics. Today, it is all of the above.



Beecher’s Fault is a band that started following me on Twitter, and I always try to take the time to listen. I just love their song, “Never Believe In You”. It  is one of those songs that gets happily stuck in your head. There is so much truth in the words that love can be all about trust or believing in someone. But what happens when your intuition is telling you something and you choose to ignore it. Is that a dreaded sign? As with listening to new music, my gut serves me well most of the time. I have learned through some painful history that I should make a point to follow my instincts.

“So, pull a little harder on my arm, please

Cause I don’t feel its true

Let’s find a place to hide

and then so simply

let’s do as people do

Oh I will believe in us,

I could never believe in you”

Perhaps he describes the power of attraction versus an investment in a relationship. I can understand that, but isn’t trust and understanding everything? Trust is the glue which bonds a new relationship into a strong connection and solid pairing. Love is about caring and believing in someone enough to be with them, learn about them, and understand them, right? But it all begins with attraction. This song has lyrics expressing an internal struggle, and a catchy hook that has me humming. My gut says the song is a winner, and you should take the time to listen to Beecher’s Fault. Give their new album, Do As People Do, a listen.


Beecher’s Fault is from Astoria, New York. The leaders of the band, Ken Lamken and Ben Taylor, met in New Jersey a few years back before they booked it to NYC to seek out the limelight after realizing their musical compatibility. Max Maples (drums) and Serge Ruccolo (Bass) now complete the quartet that has been said to have live performances that produce a “wall of sound” complemented by “raw, honest lyrics” and “pristine vocal harmonies”.

I am amazed at how bands develop their name and brand. When I asked about the band’s name, Ben on Twitter explained, “The band name comes from a friend of the band who we blame things on.” Funny, right? I am glad I am not poor Beecher, but maybe the surge of new listeners due to their talent and hard work will be all his fault, and my gut tells me…that’s pretty cool.


Mood Monday-Ratatat-Cream on Chrome

Mood Monday.

Some days are better than others, and this Monday is one of the best!


So, I had to post a song that is just plain, feel good funk, chock full of positive vibes and toe tapping, air guitar fun.

Here you go…..

Ratatat is Mike Stroud and Evan Mast, a New York experimental alternative rock duo. Mike is the guitar, melodica, synthesizers, and percussion, while Evan takes on the bass, synthesizers and percussion. It is amazing how well their creative formula works. They leaked this song just hours before they played at Coachella this year. They are performing at other sites, but Atlanta isn’t up on their roster just yet. I can still wish…..

Remember  “Wildcat”, from 2006? It was a smash hit.

I hope that listening  to Ratatat improves your mood exponentially, so that you can sort of experience mine.

Happy Monday y’all!

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper-Billions of Eyes

Do you ever want to buck the widespread customary idea of what brings happiness and peace? Is it a mansion filled with stuff? A place on the water that you can fish every day? A souffle that comes out all puffy and  perfect? A soft, cozy pillow to rest your head at night? Conversation that ends in loving intention for another loving moment? What makes your heart tick?


For me, a steady drum beat, a happy, twangy guitar, and lyrics that are strangely curious can be the perfect recipe for a salty, sweet tune that brings me joy. “Billions of Eyes” is just this kind of tune. I really want to learn every lyric and sing-a-long at the top of my lungs.

“I just wanna fall into a pile of warm laundry

I just wanna keep very very quiet


You can now celebrate, because today, we can say hello to new music from Aly Spaltro. Aly is Lady Lamb the Beekeeper from Maine, but now she is living in Brooklyn. Her music is chock full of short stories put to music. It makes me want to lean way in to the sound and listen to every word with serious intent.

by Shervin Lainez
by Shervin Lainez

Lo and behold, when carefully listening, ironically, her story goes all haywire, along with the music, and then it subtly returns. Somehow the senseless, makes total sense to me. Upon first listen, I thought it was just a fun tune, but after listening to it over and over again, I find the emotion is somewhat unexpected and palpable. Her carefully chosen words, all jumbled together with guitar and drum punctuation, find their way to my heart and I can’t stop listening. I have soaked up all of her songs so much lately, my skin is all water-logged and wrinkly (in a good way). This is folk, indie rock at its best. Blessed respite from the ordinary.


Color outside of the lines and listen with me. You know you want to…..




wave abstract by Nancy Goldman,

Well, this was supposed to be a Mood Monday song, but time slipped away. So instead, I have this tasty Tuesday tune for you, that will almost certainly drop into a song for Wednesday. Yep, that’s how this week is going for me. Swirling time slipping away, out of my control.  I need calm, simple peace, and an immediate stop to the washing machine tumble effect, of each crashing wave of activity that comes my way.

This song is a chill vibe from Porches., and it represents my need for a mood change right now. Ever have one of those busy bustling days where you just need to step back and calm your…woke up way too early and gonna close my eyes right now….feelings? Turn up the volume just a tad on this one and chill with me. A beautifully woven, surround of sound, “Prism” is fresh and mind settling.



Porches. is the singer-songwriter Aaron Maine. Living and soaking up the New York vibe, he has released a two song 7-inch, titled Ronald Paris House. This song,”Prism”, is a stand alone beauty. “Forgive” is the other song and is equally interesting, featuring his girlfriend and accomplished singer/songwriter Greta Kline (aka Frankie Cosmos).  On “Prism”, soft harmonizing vocals, a back beat thump, and synth-pop perfection help to create the most relaxing, ‘I think I am unknotted now’, tune. Yea, you know, a tune where you kind of hate when it ends so abruptly, only because you want to hear more.

More, more, more.

Greta Kline (aka Frankie Cosmos) and Aaron Maine of Porches. credit



Recently paired with Terrible Records, a label connected with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, I am really hoping that my wish will come true. Darn, I didn’t make my blog post on Tuesday after all, because I am posting after midnight…..oh well, I have a new song, a night of solid sleep ahead, and so what, that it’s Wednesday.

Now, listen again and chill with me.



Mood Monday.

My mind today is on sleep, beautiful sleep.


I hate waking up cranky. If I had experienced a good night’s sleep, I am thinking my mood today would be vastly improved. The alarm of Mother Earth went off last night……in the middle of the night (4:26 am to be exact), in the city of Atlanta. That’s when I heard the barred owl calling….. and calling…. and calling.

It was strikingly beautiful at first, then it got very, very old after half an hour. I just couldn’t, for the life of me, get back to sleep. I wish I had a nice playlist of music just for calming my mind and stopping my “not sleeping” anxiety. Have you ever just wanted music that soothed you in a way that helped you relax and experience calm?

That’s where today’s song comes in. The song “Sleepwalkers” has a dream-like sound , but there is definitely a vibe that makes me want to swing and sway to the music. The lead singer’s vocals draw me in and it has that perfect flick of guitar which makes me pay attention. Then, wrap that all up with the ethereal vibe of the keyboards, drum beat, and synth, and I believe they have a nice hit on their hands.


Gospels is a group out of New York. They are Alex Frenkel, Gabe Garzón-Montano, Mike Gordon, Alex Marans, and Owen Murphy. Not sure who does what in the band because there isn’t much info on them, but they are new to me, have a fresh sound, and obviously accomplished musicians.

That’s how I like it.

Their upcoming Ep release, GreenHouse, is in November. I am eagerly anticipating the other songs that will define this, up and coming, band on the indie scene. I just want to hear more.

“It’s like a house with open doors

and someone’s in the halls

dancing ’round the floor.”


Perhaps sleep will come easier tonight and the wildlife wake up call might still happen, without me even noticing. Or perhaps, it will not startle me and just simply lull me back to sleep. My mind is calmer now, knowing there is really good music on the horizon, thanks to Gospels. Play on.