Beecher’s Fault-Never Believe In You


We are finally here….the weekend.

Sometimes I think I wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, and then it comes and goes…leaving me in the ‘wait for it’ mode once again. I am not really sure why the weekend is so special to me, because I work just as much over Saturday and Sunday, as I do during the week. I guess there is a better chance for the rest of the world to come out and play. The weekend provides a nice excuse to hang around a little longer and slow down the pace of things, or in some cases…whoop it up a bit.

I was up and at ’em at 3:45am Thursday morning to take a loved one to the airport. You see I’m cool like that. But, the day proved to be a very long one because of this little hiccup in my normal routine. When I am at the Atlanta airport, I am overwhelmed with the amount of people filtering through Hartsfield for an exotic vacation, visiting loved ones/family, or maybe even arriving in the states for the first time. Wouldn’t you rather be sleepily dreaming about getting on your own flight for anywhere, instead of dropping off someone else realizing their dream? Money is too tight for me right now, or I would make those travel plans immediately. I hope to travel far away, one day real soon. For now, all my travel will be done within a day and by a highway. I still like to dream about flying far away and visiting places I have never experienced before.

This particular weekend everyone near and dear to me is traveling in opposite directions. I look forward to my own change of scenery, even if it is only a couple hours away.  I am attending a workshop to learn more about blogging and improving my WordPress account. Yes, I should be preparing my questions and ideas for upgrading my blog, but instead, I am listening to tunes that spark my mood and help generate thoughts in my mind.


I have to admit I have been stock piling some really good music. It comes at me so fast now (thank you for all those music submits), that I have to listen quickly and determine my immediate gut reaction. If I feel connected in some way, I go back later and listen to the song/songs multiple times to be sure what I initially sensed was true. Many times, I fall in love with a song, or a band’s sound, or maybe even a line of heartfelt, bold, or descriptive lyrics. Today, it is all of the above.



Beecher’s Fault is a band that started following me on Twitter, and I always try to take the time to listen. I just love their song, “Never Believe In You”. It  is one of those songs that gets happily stuck in your head. There is so much truth in the words that love can be all about trust or believing in someone. But what happens when your intuition is telling you something and you choose to ignore it. Is that a dreaded sign? As with listening to new music, my gut serves me well most of the time. I have learned through some painful history that I should make a point to follow my instincts.

“So, pull a little harder on my arm, please

Cause I don’t feel its true

Let’s find a place to hide

and then so simply

let’s do as people do

Oh I will believe in us,

I could never believe in you”

Perhaps he describes the power of attraction versus an investment in a relationship. I can understand that, but isn’t trust and understanding everything? Trust is the glue which bonds a new relationship into a strong connection and solid pairing. Love is about caring and believing in someone enough to be with them, learn about them, and understand them, right? But it all begins with attraction. This song has lyrics expressing an internal struggle, and a catchy hook that has me humming. My gut says the song is a winner, and you should take the time to listen to Beecher’s Fault. Give their new album, Do As People Do, a listen.


Beecher’s Fault is from Astoria, New York. The leaders of the band, Ken Lamken and Ben Taylor, met in New Jersey a few years back before they booked it to NYC to seek out the limelight after realizing their musical compatibility. Max Maples (drums) and Serge Ruccolo (Bass) now complete the quartet that has been said to have live performances that produce a “wall of sound” complemented by “raw, honest lyrics” and “pristine vocal harmonies”.

I am amazed at how bands develop their name and brand. When I asked about the band’s name, Ben on Twitter explained, “The band name comes from a friend of the band who we blame things on.” Funny, right? I am glad I am not poor Beecher, but maybe the surge of new listeners due to their talent and hard work will be all his fault, and my gut tells me…that’s pretty cool.


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