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Well, this was supposed to be a Mood Monday song, but time slipped away. So instead, I have this tasty Tuesday tune for you, that will almost certainly drop into a song for Wednesday. Yep, that’s how this week is going for me. Swirling time slipping away, out of my control.  I need calm, simple peace, and an immediate stop to the washing machine tumble effect, of each crashing wave of activity that comes my way.

This song is a chill vibe from Porches., and it represents my need for a mood change right now. Ever have one of those busy bustling days where you just need to step back and calm your…woke up way too early and gonna close my eyes right now….feelings? Turn up the volume just a tad on this one and chill with me. A beautifully woven, surround of sound, “Prism” is fresh and mind settling.



Porches. is the singer-songwriter Aaron Maine. Living and soaking up the New York vibe, he has released a two song 7-inch, titled Ronald Paris House. This song,”Prism”, is a stand alone beauty. “Forgive” is the other song and is equally interesting, featuring his girlfriend and accomplished singer/songwriter Greta Kline (aka Frankie Cosmos).  On “Prism”, soft harmonizing vocals, a back beat thump, and synth-pop perfection help to create the most relaxing, ‘I think I am unknotted now’, tune. Yea, you know, a tune where you kind of hate when it ends so abruptly, only because you want to hear more.

More, more, more.

Greta Kline (aka Frankie Cosmos) and Aaron Maine of Porches. thesauerbrunreport.com-photo credit



Recently paired with Terrible Records, a label connected with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, I am really hoping that my wish will come true. Darn, I didn’t make my blog post on Tuesday after all, because I am posting after midnight…..oh well, I have a new song, a night of solid sleep ahead, and so what, that it’s Wednesday.

Now, listen again and chill with me.


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  1. if you’d like to give proper credit to the source of the photo used in this post, you can give it to me – the guy who actually took it and put it up on my own site. thesauerbrunreport.com

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