Maybird-Big Sun Explosion

My Monday mood brings you the perfect tune this Tuesday.

“Objects appear a little more clear when they’re nearer…..”

Mondays can be hard. The reality of life sets in and the laughter and joy of the weekend subsides to the harshness of the start of a new work week.

My mood today is a bit worried about life, my wants, my fears, and my hopes.


Vocalized words of frustration and self doubt can create a tangled mess of confusion and trouble. Thankfully, time heals most wounds. Sometimes heartfelt fears can be subsided simply by facing them with clear eyes and a depth of heart….and the clicking tick-tock of time.  It also helps to have a heart of forgiveness.

My mood is fuzzy and unclear. But, I know what I love and how the music soothes my clouded mind.

Maybird fits that complicated bill today.

I have featured them in the past (click to re-read). I am hoping they will venture to my end of the earth one day soon. I recognize and appreciate their growth over such a short time since I blogged their new music back in-2013.

Maybird still claim that hazy, dreamy sound that captured me in the first place. Kudos to you Maybird, you are the sound that calms my mood today, with “Big Sun Explosion.”


“I saw a sight to see flying away from me
A wall of mirrors projecting it’s disappearance
Poor vision and poor health, what do you tell yourself?
Objects appear a little more clear when they’re nearer
I finally lifted my eyelids to see light, and when they were open
I saw the big sun explosion
The buildings tower high, the birds swim through the sky
The iris full color, the day just like any other.”




Maybird is Josh Netsky, Sam Snyder, Mike Schuler, Kurt Johnson, and Adam Netsky ( isn’t that the coolest photo?). They are from Brooklyn/Rochester, New York. Their full EP will come out sometime in September, so check them out on Facebook. They continue to be true to their experimental, smooth style.

Thank you guys for making my Monday and start of the week so much better!



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