Mood Monday.

My mind today is on sleep, beautiful sleep.


I hate waking up cranky. If I had experienced a good night’s sleep, I am thinking my mood today would be vastly improved. The alarm of Mother Earth went off last night……in the middle of the night (4:26 am to be exact), in the city of Atlanta. That’s when I heard the barred owl calling….. and calling…. and calling.



It was strikingly beautiful at first, then it got very, very old after half an hour. I just couldn’t, for the life of me, get back to sleep. I wish I had a nice playlist of music just for calming my mind and stopping my “not sleeping” anxiety. Have you ever just wanted music that soothed you in a way that helped you relax and experience calm?

That’s where today’s song comes in. The song “Sleepwalkers” has a dream-like sound , but there is definitely a vibe that makes me want to swing and sway to the music. The lead singer’s vocals draw me in and it has that perfect flick of guitar which makes me pay attention. Then, wrap that all up with the ethereal vibe of the keyboards, drum beat, and synth, and I believe they have a nice hit on their hands.


Gospels is a group out of New York. They are Alex Frenkel, Gabe Garzón-Montano, Mike Gordon, Alex Marans, and Owen Murphy. Not sure who does what in the band because there isn’t much info on them, but they are new to me, have a fresh sound, and obviously accomplished musicians.

That’s how I like it.

Their upcoming Ep release, GreenHouse, is in November. I am eagerly anticipating the other songs that will define this, up and coming, band on the indie scene. I just want to hear more.

“It’s like a house with open doors

and someone’s in the halls

dancing ’round the floor.”


Perhaps sleep will come easier tonight and the wildlife wake up call might still happen, without me even noticing. Or perhaps, it will not startle me and just simply lull me back to sleep. My mind is calmer now, knowing there is really good music on the horizon, thanks to Gospels. Play on.

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