Lady Lamb the Beekeeper-Billions of Eyes

Do you ever want to buck the widespread customary idea of what brings happiness and peace? Is it a mansion filled with stuff? A place on the water that you can fish every day? A souffle that comes out all puffy and  perfect? A soft, cozy pillow to rest your head at night? Conversation that ends in loving intention for another loving moment? What makes your heart tick?


For me, a steady drum beat, a happy, twangy guitar, and lyrics that are strangely curious can be the perfect recipe for a salty, sweet tune that brings me joy. “Billions of Eyes” is just this kind of tune. I really want to learn every lyric and sing-a-long at the top of my lungs.

“I just wanna fall into a pile of warm laundry

I just wanna keep very very quiet


You can now celebrate, because today, we can say hello to new music from Aly Spaltro. Aly is Lady Lamb the Beekeeper from Maine, but now she is living in Brooklyn. Her music is chock full of short stories put to music. It makes me want to lean way in to the sound and listen to every word with serious intent.

by Shervin Lainez
by Shervin Lainez

Lo and behold, when carefully listening, ironically, her story goes all haywire, along with the music, and then it subtly returns. Somehow the senseless, makes total sense to me. Upon first listen, I thought it was just a fun tune, but after listening to it over and over again, I find the emotion is somewhat unexpected and palpable. Her carefully chosen words, all jumbled together with guitar and drum punctuation, find their way to my heart and I can’t stop listening. I have soaked up all of her songs so much lately, my skin is all water-logged and wrinkly (in a good way). This is folk, indie rock at its best. Blessed respite from the ordinary.


Color outside of the lines and listen with me. You know you want to…..



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  1. hi Carrie Come sit in my backyard anytime to watch the bees buzz in and out of the hive – that’s strangely relaxing! Well, we might need to wait for warmer weather, actually. Not sure how many are still left in there… Rosemary

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