Mood Monday-Here We Go Magic-Ordinary Feeling

Mood Monday.

Have you noticed Mood Monday comes on Tuesday mornings, lately? Well, never mind about that. I will try to get back in the groove next week. But for now…

this is a weekend for the happy, joyous record books.

Stone Mountain ViewIMG_6458 (2)


This was the kind of weekend which included laid back family dinners, a spontaneous hike up a mountain, a bit of shopping, and a funky dinner in an urban exploratory zone.

Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall-Atlanta Beltline


The absolute best moment was when I conquered my biking fear (after a face planting, toe breaking accident) and rode 41 miles. Scary unexpected tragedies can wreak havoc on the psyche, but getting on with my biking helped to squelch the fear for now. It also reminded me how the wind against my skin and the rush of nature speeding by, pleases me immensely. I love stretching beyond my normal everyday life.

Labor Day weekend was a little bit of this, and that, and the other.

Don’t you love the idea of having an extra day to do as you want to do?  When I think about my Mood Monday, I think about the happy chill of having additional time to hang out and relax and just experience the spontaneous joy of whatever floats my boat.

No one to answer to or jump for, creates a labor free Labor Day! My Monday was pretty awesome and made me infinitely happy. How about you?

This tune has been on repeat all weekend. I am in love with the soft and heartfelt sound of the band, Here We Go Magic. It is the perfect tune for a chill Monday and a soft, easy start to the four day work week. Everything about this song connects with me. It reminds me how lucky I am to be a music blogger. When I listen to the subtle but undeniable talent, my heart is full.

Just listen for yourself…



“half the time i’m lying

pushing pulling trying

making good excuses for my laziness

bad habits on the shelf seem to jump off by themselves

i’m my own defendant who’s the witness

lets not talk of love

who’s below and whats above

you’re only in and out of one or the other

dreamed i hit the wall

had a kind of call

dreamed i hit the wall

all i need is ordinary feeling

all i need is the beating in my chest

stay where you are

up against the ceiling

be at rest, be at rest

we had such magic dreams

as the holy body sings

now the cursed night

just brings that darkness

meanwhile all along we were

vital we were strong

something of the miracle of starkness

don’t give me just a fix

one of my stupid mental tricks

i only walk in one of four directions

do i wanna please me

do i wanna please me?

something seizes me

all i need is ordinary feeling

all i need is the beating in my chest

stay where you are

up against the ceiling

be at rest, be at rest”

Ethereal, contemplative and lovely, this song crushes my heart and sticks with me. I am so curious about the lyrics and the inspiration behind them. I have listened so many times trying to hear them all, but thankfully the band supplied the missing words that I just couldn’t hear. Every time I listen, I love it more. I am silly like that…I hear a song and it peaks my interest and then when I listen to it on repeat, I am either a total fan or I ditch it immediately. “Ordinary Feeling” is a keeper for sure.

Photo by Shawn Brackbill

Here We Go Magic was originally formed by core members Luke Temple, Michael Bloch and Peter Hale, in late 2008. The project signed to Western Vinyl in 2008, followed by the five-piece group’s signing to Secretly Canadian in 2009. They are releasing a new album, Be Small, on October 16th. According to Secretly Canadian,

“It’s an album of robust future pop that still continues its route through Here We Go Magic‘s inimitable path of fidgety prog-rock, blissful melodies and sound collage experimentations, but always with a focus on a deep groove.”

I am so excited for the entire album, but for now, this sits at the top of my playlist. I will play it again and again and again, “making good excuses for my laziness..”



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