Dawes-A Little Bit of Everything

31 Days of Music

Day 20

Sundays are reserved for a song that seems to be on heavy rotation in my personal playlist.

I bet you might know what I mean. When you listen to your songs, aren’t there some songs you skip, because you have heard them enough already? Well, this is one of those songs that I just CAN’T skip. I have been listening to it quite a bit. I love the words and the stories. It is lovely, rich poetry, and a chorus that pierces my heart.


Dawes is such an amazing band. Their newest album, Stories Don’t End, is incredible, and their concerts are full of energy, but they also include some be quiet and listen moments.

This song is sad and worrisome at the start, but then I believe, it reveals a quiet map to the secret of living. It reminds me of all of the sweet living that takes place in the world and the really hard parts we want to overcome. Humanness, vulnerability, joy, sadness and love can be found in all of the little things. Paying attention to the little bits of everything is the key.

“It’s not some message written in the dark

Or some truth that no one’s seen

It’s a little bit of everything.”

Listen for yourself.


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