Howard Ivans-Red Faced Boy

HowardIvanscourtesy of Spacebomb records

“Red Faced Boy” is a jazzy, funky tune that if you close your eyes as you listen, you might think you were listening to a song that made it to the  top of the charts in the 1980’s. It definitely deserves fresh ears because, even though it is reminiscent of that era, it has a surprisingly original sound. This song has blasts of distinctive horns, a rolling beat, a relaxed pluck of guitar, and some love-stricken, pleading lyrics. When all of these are rolled together into one song, as they have done, it becomes brilliantly addictive. Howard Ivans, aka Ivan Howard of the band Rosebuds and his collaboration with Matthew E. White’s Spacebomb Orchestra, explode a contemporary creation and an altogether groovy project. It is even a nice touch that they pressed 1000 7″ vinyls with a B-side, “Pillows”.  Listen and I bet you will love it like I do!

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