Moon Taxi-The New Black


I’ve blogged about Nashville’s Moon Taxi before on 1146 miles. They are one of the most energetic bands out there and they are wildly talented. At the time of my  1146 miles post, I hadn’t seen them live yet. Let’s just say, when I did see them, it was more fun than I ever thought possible. It was literally raining cats and dogs, so it surely created a strange mood for an outdoor concert. Despite the rain, being soaked from head to toe, and knee deep in mud, I loved every minute of their set. Recently, Moon Taxi had their television debut on David Letterman. They are really going places, just wait and see.

Today, I am sharing a video which is an acoustic version of one of their songs off of their new album, Mountains, Beaches, Cities. The song is  called “The New Black”. Check out their Facebook Page and look for them to come to your city on their tour supporting this new album. Go, I promise, you will have a good time.


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