Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears-Come to My Party

Well, hello Friday! Let the Christmas parties begin! YAY!

“Come to My Party” will play loud while I gussy up and get ready to go to the first Christmas party of the season. It just sets the mood for a much anticipated gathering with dear friends and the happy possibility of meeting  new friends. I am tapping my toe as I listen right now, and yes, I just want to get on up and boogie on down. I find this song to be on the same realm as the 80’s, Kool and the Gang’s “Celebrate”.  Joe Lewis has the vocal pipes to be a James Brown sound alike, and the blast of brass that accompanies him just makes the song complete perfection. This song comes from the 2013 album, Electric Slave. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears are from Austin, Texas. Listen to the entire album, you will then recognize the band’s style as blues, funk, and soul. Check out their Facebook page and their website while you’re at it.

I admit it, I am in a crazy, good mood and it is finally the weekend after what seemed to be the longest week of the year. Anybody else feel that way? Tonight, I won’t think about all of the daunting tasks that loom large on my horizon. Tonight, I will just stop and smell the roses and “play” for awhile. How ’bout you? I think if you listen to this song, you might join me and dance the night away.

Your welcome.

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