Louis Armstrong-What A Wonderful World

Today, I am especially thankful. I have posted my thankfulness for 29 days on my personal facebook page and have been shocked by how much it has formed my attitude leading up to this crazy hectic time of the year. I am calmer and clearer headed than I ever have been before and yes, interestingly enough, happier. Gratitude can truly be a start to a new attitude and better self. I highly recommend the conscious effort of thinking, saying, or writing daily thanks. Don’t just take my word for it. Look it up and you’ll find hundreds of books written on this very topic.

With all of this in mind, today is my last day of publicly stating my thanks, and yet how do I fit it all in? There are hundreds of people, services, experiences, and even a few too easily forgotten, simple moments that I am truly thankful for on this last day of sharing. Saying I am thankful for everything seems to be inadequate when it comes to my final post. It just doesn’t fill the need to express all that I have left to say. I am appreciative of my family, my friends, my senses, my body and health, the world and all that is in it, animals, my home, my feelings, my experiences (the good and even the bad), love, laughter, life’s challenges which have helped me grow, and even life itself.

Oh and I can’t forget a” biggie”. I have found that music is one of the most important things in my life. Music can boost my mood, help me concentrate or focus, help me to de-stress, it can even pick up my workout pace, and it can express my feelings when I can’t express them myself. Yes, I am thankful for music, too. So as I contemplate all of the things I am thankful for, here is a song that I want share. No, it’s not new. No, it’s not alternative/indie music, but it clearly and beautifully shares my thankful emotions. By the way, thank YOU for checking it out and listening! My heart is full.

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