James Vincent McMorrow-Red Dust

Relieved of dish washing to savor the last sip of wine

The warmth of sunshine through a window, on a cold wintry day

A puppy who greets with a wagging tail

A stranger’s wave after moving ahead in traffic

An enthusiastic and inspiring speaker who was just a last minute, emergency fill in.

Running late, but making every traffic light

The happy giggle of a toddler

An old acquaintance remembering your name

The smell of an impending rainstorm

Slurping a cold milkshake after miles and miles of cycling

These are all moments in my life that truly please me. They are each beautiful and divine in their own right. You might have some others to add to this running list of mine. I like to think of them as experiences which come spontaneously from the universe and cause me to pause and pay attention.


The song, “Red Dust”, is a newly discovered offering, as well, from a soon to be released album, Post Tropical. James Vincent McMorrow is an Irish singer/songwriter who grips a deep place in my soul that I really can’t shake. Lyrically poetic and powerful, the music is also paired with his heavenly voice that touches my heart like no other. I only learned of this indie folk singer recently, but I have spent many a stolen moment listening to his soothing voice, taking pleasure in his unique style, and carefully contemplating the lovely lyrics. James Vincent McMorrow has a beautiful gift that needs to be shared. I feel sure if you listen to the track until the last note, it will please you.

I encourage you to dig into his entire discography, each seems better than the last. Here are two other songs that I particularly loved.


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