Don’t judge a band by the lead singer’s shoes. Well, okay in this case, maybe you should. (Must see picture attached)


Matthew Houck stepped out among the vases of flowers and the lingering incense to sing and play onstage in Atlanta, GA.  It was incredible. All the hype is real and he proved it, as he and his band, Phospherescent, slowly but carefully, worked their way into our psyches. With each song, the audience seemed to sink deeper into the vibe and that’s when I completely forgot I was standing in the middle of hundreds of people at a Phospherescent sold out show. My emotions got the better of me as a tear puddled in the corner of my eye on “My Dove, My Lamb”.  The lyrics and the wail of his voice that escaped from his lips so tenderly, proved to create a perfect moment in time. Perfect, simply because I don’t think it renders itself to the typical adjectives of hearing a sound that might be somewhat familiar. Is it country, folk, rock? This is unfamiliar territory to me and that is what makes me listen. I will listen again and again.

Yes, he had on a serious ‘old Nashville’ style outfit…..but it was the flashy, sparkly boots that told it all. This guy is surely bold and fierce in his choices for tapping his feet as well as writing, playing, and singing those powerful lyrics. Powerful indeed.

An old one but a great one. ‘Cause I bet you’ve already been playing his winning album, Muchacho.

Then, there is this, a cover of Bob Dylan. Love, devotion, and longing….

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