Hospital-Lust For You

*see my addition at the end.*

“…..It’s a small world after all, It’s a small world after all…..”

Good ol’ Disney songs tell it like it is.  But before you get this Disney tune stuck in your head, check out the band, Hospital.

I find it crazy amazing that a Russian band can find an obscure American indie music blog and send their music. I just had to open up the soundcloud page and listen out of curiosity. As I listened to their tune, I found myself totally intrigued. The band, Hospital, is originally from a remote town in eastern Russia. Thank goodness for Google search. I don’t even think my keyboard can type the Russian letters properly, but this is what the name of the city is, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia (picture below).


Who knew that indie music could be so tuned in and familiar from such a foreign and unfamiliar place?

I believe music really can erase thousands of miles and break down barriers and differences.

The band, Hospital, is now located in Moscow. Even before they moved further west, the west seemed to put a bit of inspiration and influence in their music.  The song “Lust For You” is clearly a case in point. They describe their music as shoe-gaze, post punk, brit-pop. I think you will be amazed at how terrific it is. There is a familiarity with their sound, while at the same time maintaining that which makes the band unique. Well done! This song makes me feel connected to a band and a place I will most likely never see or experience, and that is thrilling! They are on Facebook and bandcamp, go on the virtual global tour and click this to check them out. Listen and enjoy.


Listen again and enjoy this clever you tube video. The ending is a crazy surprise…..just watch.


*As I wrote this, I wondered about the band’s name, Hospital, and how the band came up with it. I just had to share the answer I just received. I thought you might want to know.*

“Well it was really hard time for me and our bass player when our first band split up. it was in 2011 right after we released the band’s first album. so we did not play together for a few months. I was sitting at home listening to Nick Drake’s album Pink Moon on repeat and thought about what else i could do with my music, my songs or maybe it’s time to get a good job and all these things – domestic bliss. and then one day I just walked with my ipod and listened to the song “Belong” by The Pain Of Being Pure At Heart and there was this part:

 in hospitals
in shopping malls
with heavy heads
and locker walls
And I thought about the word Hospital and came to the conclusion that it would be perfect name for a band and then I was like “It should be my band!” So Here’s a story in our vision Hospital is the place where we use music as drugs as medicine for people with sick soul.”

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