Liza Anne-The Colder Months


I love a really poignant love song, especially one that evokes a struggle of feelings and confusion.  Isn’t that just honesty and truth? Liza Anne, a songstress in Nashville, seems to have a voice that is all about the power of emotion. Her Facebook page even describes her as “feeling things deeply and singing them sweetly”. All I can say is, yes, yes. Just a student in college, you would expect her to be singing strictly cover songs, but no, she has put pen to paper and compiled many songs for an album coming out on Feb. 1. These aren’t just any songs, they are really honest, really beautiful, and really remarkable. Don’t just take my word for it, check out her website.

Her recently released song, “The Colder Months”,  begins with a slow steady beat and around 2:52 it builds to a crescendo of emotion. Listen.

“The tragedy of it all, is that your heart is like glass.

So clear and easy to be known

So tender to my touches

And I don’t know, if I’m ready yet

And I don’t know, if I’m ready yet

To tell you, you are the only one, I will love.”

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