Saints of Valory-Neon Eyes (Into the Deep)


Okay, it is just a set list and band signatures, but look closely and they wrote “U rock!”. You must know that I am swooning and will forever love their music. Yes, generosity goes a long way, but being a talented band and having some fun music to back up your crowd pleasing skills makes all the difference.

Saints of Valory was a happy surprise as we went to the Atlanta show to hear The Wild Feathers. Don’t get me wrong, The Wild Feathers are definitely worth a serious listen because they are such a skilled southern rock sound, but what a thrill it was to hear an energetic, uplifting pop alt/rock band when it wasn’t expected. Saints of Valory got the crowd moving and made the evening a slam dunk. Don’t you love when that happens before the headliner even shows up on the stage?

I came home with the music afterglow of a silly band groupie. I searched for any info I might find on the web. Here’s what I learned. Their story began in Rio, Brazil. Yes, children of missionaries Gavin and Godfrey met, became friends, and with the gifts of guitars, started playing music together. They widened that circle and voila, Saints of Valory was born. Now their home base is Austin, TX.

  • Gavin Jasper (Brazil) – lead vocals and bass
  • Stephen Buckle (Canada) – keyboards and backup vocals
  • Godfrey Thomson (USA) – guitar and backup vocals
  • Gerard Labou (France) – drums and phantom backup vocals

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 11.51.00 PM

They have an EP, Possibilities,  that came out last year. All of the songs are great, but the song “Neon Eyes” really resonates with me. You must give it a listen.

“Won’t you follow me, into the deep”

The band describes the song as sort of simulating their trajectory into the future with their music. My wish is for Saints of Valory to forever thrill the crowds with their warm vocals, pounding drum beats, and fluid guitar tone! Oh, and keep chatting it up with the adoring fans……U Rock!

By the way, here is a song from The Wild Feathers, because you shouldn’t just take my word for it that they are totally worth drumming up cash to see live. Go on, listen, and then check out both of their concert schedules on Facebook (click names above for the easy links).


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  1. I listened Saints of Valory’s songs at the first time while they were playing in the last Rock in Rio… OMG! I just fell in love! I’m brazilian, and their story begun here… rsrsrs Neon Eyes became my ringtone since that day! It’s just one of the better songs that I know…!

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