Made Violent-Inside Out


From the first, there is a smash of fast paced strumming and drumming. No slow build here, the song, “Inside Out” hits bold and strong right from the get-go. Made Violent started following me on twitter and so I checked out their newest video. At first listen, I connected with the power and the lyrics. They are really talented. Even though I adore them, I recognize that I have been  in a serious funk with sad, bittersweet love songs and honestly I needed to snap out of it. This song snaps me out of it for sure, thank you guys!

Made Violent isn’t violent at all, according to an interview with them from Groundsounds. Justin Acee on drums, Joe White on bass, and Rob Romano on guitar admit to being the furthest  thing from violent, but found the name funny. Personally, I think it might be genius, simply because I hear so many band names and this one is not easily forgotten. Isn’t that the goal? Get your name out there, make listeners curious, and then back it up with being a talented band. Rock  is alive and well and they do it proud!

“You called, and never heard an answer,

I called, and never heard a ring.

You see every single problem,

like its some monstrous thing.”

The band says that Inside Out is “a song about having a problem with someone you know and love but can’t just address the obvious issue at hand.” That kind of stuff does turn you inside out, right? Especially when you find you are out of words and the problem is still there. Talking ceases and the problem slowly builds in intensity. They call it the elephant in the room and I totally get it.

“Twist it around

does it make you proud

to wear me down

till I’m inside out.”

They will be playing with Bear Hands ( wouldn’t you know I love them too? click to listen) on Feb. 21st in Buffalo, NY at The Waiting Room. So if you’re nearby, give them a listen. If not, here is the video that made the sale. Rock hard and  write more, y’all need to release that EP.

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