Rebekah Todd-Roots Bury Deep

Traveling back. Back to the place I love. Funny how a geographic local can be so deeply buried in my soul that the idea makes me flutter with excitement and joy. When there is a chance I can travel to Charleston……I am in full love mode. Memories flood my mind as I think back to the joy of living in a coastal town, rich with history, and full of vibrant, colorful friends.  Yes, I have been away for far too long. I am heading home and I can’t wait to “stretch my arms“.

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This beautiful song, “Roots Bury Deep” reminds me of that place that I hold close to my pumping veins that fill my heart. This song floods my mind with a host of  fond memories of my first and most special home. I love the way Rebekah Todd wraps her warm voice around my ears and begs me to listen to the lyrics. She is a storyteller, fine strummer, and soothes me with her golden vocals. This North Carolina songstress is a new music find, that I am more than excited about.  She is from Greenville, NC and has a new album out on February 18th with the beautiful instruments and back-up of  The Odyssey. Rebekah Todd & The Odyssey are worth a wholehearted listen for their textured layering of folk and soul with shades of jazz.

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My trip to “the country where my roots bury deep” will be my blessing for this harsh, frozen winter. It will build that warm fire in my heart and help me get to the days that the groundhog has promised will come. My mind needs the solace of a long quiet car ride and a sweet change of scenery. I think I will play this song again and again and again.

Check Rebekah Todd out on Facebook, and wouldn’t you know that she is traveling to my most special place too. It is only fitting that she will play on the Awendaw Green in SC on March 26th. Yep, I may be planning a return before I even arrive, now that is love.


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