Canon Logic-IBOK

What has happened lately? I have bought more get well cards and sympathy cards than birthday cards. It seems as if everyone I know has been touched by the tragedy of pain or loss. I am speechless and don’t really know how to react except to say, I am so sorry. And, I am, truly sad and sorry.

Selfishly, I thank my lucky stars that most of my close family and friends seem to be okay. I can’t imagine losing a loved one. It makes me want to take stock in this very moment. I want to invest in my health and well being and put a stop to eating Tag-a-longs at such an excess ( obvious girl scout sabotage). I must exercise more, eat less, and keep my eyes wide open and body balanced. It seems missed steps have been the harshest hurt, as of late. Perhaps it is our fast paced lives and lack of down time and solitude that is the culprit. Or, sadly, maybe it is all just a matter of time?


That’s where this glorious track comes in… is all about the music for me. I listen for words, connections, and sounds that reflect my life and what is going on in my head. The song “IBOK” by Canon Logic has been released as the track from their brand spanking new album WYLD. The song begins beautifully with an ethereal soft entry, then it builds with chants and the exciting pound of drums. It is a happy chant, “IBOK”, and a reminder that we can all keep going on, despite all of the blocked, bumpy moments in life. That is reassuring and comforting to me. It is fun and bright and refreshing. It reminds me to put one foot in front of the other (Santa Claus is Coming to Town style) and keep moving forward no matter what crosses my path.

Canon Logic was brought to my attention by a friend (thanks, Holly) who knows family of the band member, Tim Kiely. The band members are Mark Alu, Sean Enright, Josh Greenfield, Tim Kiely, and Zach Jordan. They are are an alternative rock band in Brooklyn, NY, but Tim has family in Atlanta. Honestly, when I first listened to their music about a month ago, I was so impressed by their sound and musical energy. This band came along when I needed to be more open for songs with faster beats, poppy hooks, and cheery messages. Maybe you will agree with me, during this never ending, cold, bleak winter, and give Canon Logic some serious consideration by adding them to your playlist. Check them out to learn more-Canon Logic.

As if the song, “IBOK”, wasn’t spectacular enough, I found this very cool video made by The Wild Honey Pie. It is fun to watch and makes me wish I would see exciting antics like this when I ride Marta in Atlanta. How magical would that be? As I listen again, for right now…..

IBOK.  How about you?


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