tUnE-yArDs-Water Fountain

Okay, I have crazy love for this band and their strange sound. It is so oddly weird and yet brilliantly fantastic. No, I haven’t lost my mind yet, I don’t think. Listen more than once, and I bet you will feel just as giddy. It is impossible for me not to yell, Woo-HA Woo-Ha!

Hey, by the way, it is almost Friday and I am ecstatic, despite the clouds forecasted to push this way and the threat of  an impending storm. It is gor-geee-ous right now. Maybe it will move through quickly. Oh well, Woo-Ha! anyway for the Friday countdown!


photo credit-Anna M Campbell

Tune-yards is Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner, but also the current touring band includes saxophonists Matt Nelson and Noah Bernstein. They have a host of upcoming tours and are supporting Arcade Fire. I know I already have my ticket for Atlanta, on May 2 (just haven’t picked out my sparkly outfit yet). Check out all of the tour dates on their Facebook Page. I chuckled when I read that they want to be more than just musicians…they are inspired to be “activators, innovators, and revolutionary booty-shakers”.

What could be better than that on a Friday? Or a Saturday? Or a Sunday? Yes, I could go on, but I won’t.

Just listen for yourself. Be inspired to shake that booty of yours and yell,”Woo-Ha, Woo-Ha!”

Come on, smile.



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