Jeremy Messersmith-Ghosts

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Quietly elegant vocals when combined with resounding rhythmic folksy choruses, cause my heart to flutter. “Ghost”, a single from the album Heart Murmurs, is a stand out track from a compilation of lovely songs all about the heart. Each insightful lyric of longing, love, and sorrow is powerful poetry in and of itself, but paired with the strumming and kick sound, this is such a magical song. There is a genuine humanness in every song he conceives. “Ghost” is no exception.

“If there is a line I’ll cross it, no lesson will I learn
Even if I’m standing on it, no bridge that I won’t burn
Coming back to where we started, I’m only passing through
I’ve become a ghost in your garden, fading into view”

I couldn’t stop listening to each and every Jeremy Messersmith song. Like a good book, when I came to the end, I was sad. That’s when I stumbled upon another example of his music, and this one is currently unreleased but truly worthy of sending out to the masses. I can’t help but enjoy a song with a simple story which captures a clever connection of the hardship of a difficult relationship and his frustratingly charming convertible. Cool.

*****must listen to this cool interview, *****

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