The Notwist-Kong

Today is Easter. Yes, everyone, everywhere is proclaiming joy.


Somehow Easter reminds me of many happy moments as a child. I fondly remember that pure time when I was in the comfort of my family, cozy and loved. Easter being one of those special times, because who can deny the beauty of loving family gatherings, a new dress for church, yummy chocolate bunnies, and when I was really lucky, a giant meal of all things mayonnaise based.

Thinking back on those special times, this video reminds me of another truly joyous time in my younger life, Saturday morning  and cartoons. I remember that feeling of waking up from the deepest slumber and happily realizing it happened to be… Saturday! Elation took over because that’s when I realized that I could do next to nothing, for a while, and watch cartoon after cartoon. The most exertion emitted would be to actually get up and pour more cereal (yep, the frosty, super sweet kind).

The song and video that I am featuring today is “Kong”. It takes me back in time.

The video is so very likable and an added bonus to a great song. This cartoon video reminds me of a moment in my youth that was all about superheros, simplistic chases from room to room, and happy rescues. Yes, a reminder of a time that was charming, beyond the beyond. To take me back to that is pretty special, but then to have a song that taps into the cool factor as well, may cause me to burst. The vocals of Markus Archer prove to carefully carry the light and poppy beat. “Kong” is a stand out on the album, based on its glowing, toe tapping nature, but it strikingly compliments the push and pull of the other songs.


The Notwist is not a new indie rock band, although new to me. After listening to their latest album, Close To The Glass, their sound is experimental and new, for sure. They were formed in 1989 and are from Germany.  In their early years, they played mostly heavy metal and dark indie rock. They are now well known for their innovative, electronic influences. This album is a case in point. It reiterates their ability to push the music beyond the expected. After nine albums, that is an important decision and makes us all want to listen, garnishing newbies like myself.

Funny how a little video like “Kong” can remind me today of the deepest need to be loved, protected, and safe. On this special Holy holiday, I hope that you have a “Kong” to protect you from whatever frightens you, daunts you, or worries you, whether it be floods threatening to wash away your home or just simply life.

“cause, I believe in this”



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