Everyone You Know, Joy Anonymous- Just For The Times

“This one is for the daydream believers
Parents turned teachers
And believers 5am preachers
For the ravers divas and dealers
To the late night lovers boxset watchers in duvet covers
Round the clock mothers and part time clubbers
We’re all going through thе same thing”

Mood Monday-Mai Lan-Technique

Mai Lan, collaborator with M83 on their latest album, combines absurdity and reality in this witty electronic, dance tune.

Polyenso-Not My Real Life

I am in the process of changing my thinking, and this tune has a life force that helps me clear my head and listen to my heart.

Mood Monday-Demo Taped-Game On

Mood Monday. Atlanta is chock full of talent. Musicians, artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs keep our city spinning and moving forward. Living in this city, I sometimes forget how alive and vibrant it is. Okay, I may sometimes take it for granted. When I tap my Bandsintown app looking for music coming to Atlanta, I am…

The Chemical Brothers-Go (Feat.Q-tip)

What’s holding you back?  Why are you procrastinating?  What is your mental block? C’mon, This is the music to seriously motivate you to perform at your best and move forward.   The Chemical Brothers are a British electronic duo, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. Their 8th album is coming out July 17th, Born In The…

Panda Bear-Boys Latin

Mood Monday, on a Tuesday….late again! Yep, this song is my mood for sure. Right here, right now, no matter what day it is. The song, “Boys Latin” is rhythmically soft and echoey, with a surprising punch of chill interest. It is a chant of beautiful voices and leaves me calm and collected. Considering my…


It was a spectacular, sunny Saturday here in Atlanta. The joyous Christmas season has officially arrived in full force, a winter chill is in the air, and my happy tone is no accident. It is of course the weekend, and I am temporarily off from my must do projects. Saturdays and weekends are for listening…

SBTRKT-New Dorp New York

Aren’t there days in your life when you just want to live with wild abandon? Days where you want to veer from your regular routine? Anything but the norm? Well, today, is that day for me. C’mon, just go with it. That is how I chose this song. I decided to listen to some new…

Hooray for Earth-Keys

Mood Monday. Bold, distorted, and futuristic, this song caught my attention right away. “Keys” is a new track release from Hooray for Earth, an indie-rock band out of New York City. I am drawn to the giant symbol smash that shows up between a steady beat, pounding synth, and blasts of screeching distorted guitar. Even…