Black Prairie-Let It Out

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It is Thursday and so many people have really gone hog wild on the idea of throw back Thursday. I love the idea of reminiscing about the past. Sometimes looking back, makes you appreciate those moments even more. I am all for it when it comes to music too.

One of my favorite bands are The Decemberists. I am anticipating a new album from them maybe this year, but in the meantime I have this wonderful old tune of theirs on my playlist. I love the way they blur the line between different musical genres.

Until The Decemberists release new music (there has been a subtle buzz), I have been wishing for something to listen to that gives me a piece of their unique sound. So even though I continue to listen to their old stuff, I am excited to hear about this side project of theirs, Black Prairie.

Black Prairie, started as a mostly string and acoustic band in 2007 with The Decemberists guitarist Chris Funk, bass player Nate Query, and Jenny Conlee on accordion. They have evolved over time into serious, folk-rock. Clearly this creative exploratory side project has defined rock roots on their recently released album, Fortune. Annalise Thornfelt’s vocals are beautifully bold, and her pipes lead these incredible musicians into new territory that is a lovely inventive jump from any past collaboration.

photo by Jason Quigley
photo by Jason Quigley

Black Prairie are

Jenny Conlee-Drizos – Accordion, Vocals
Chris Funk – Dobro, Weissenborn, Bazouki, Vocals
Jon Neufeld – Archtop Guitar, Vocals
Nate Query- Acoustic Bass, Cello
Annalisa Tornfelt- Violin, Vocals
John Moen – Drums, vocals

They attribute the creative juices flowing on the song I am sharing, “Let It Out”, after listening to Led Zepplin’s albums, Physical Graffitti and Coda. Chris Funk told American Songwriter that “Lyrically, the song addresses a long term relationship. Specifically its valleys and its peaks….”

Listen for yourself.

Oh, and be sure to stay on board until the drum solo @ 1:55 and the full-on blast of violin and drums at the end. It’ll get the blood pumping in your veins for sure.

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