Midlake- The Old and The Young (Moullinex edit)

Mood Monday

I am a little late to this party, but Midlake is my new ‘go to’ listen for a soothing thoughtful sound. I have been listening to their 2013 album, Antiphon, on repeat lately.


It has been just a little bit hectic for me this merry month of May and a calming sound helps me to zone out and de-stress while going from one wonderful event to the next. As my schedule seems to be freeing up, I thought I would share one of Midlake’s songs from the album that helped me get through the fast paced madness. Midlake is a low-fi group out of Denton, Texas.They all attended the  North Texas School of Music together. Midlake is Paul Alexander (bass, keyboards), Eric Nichelson (keyboards, guitar), Eric Pulido (guitar, keyboards, background vocals), Tim Smith (vocals keyboard, guitar), and McKenzie Smith (drums).

Although…..when I went to listen to Midlake on Soundcloud, I stumbled upon this cool edit/remix by Moullinex.  Moullinex aka Luis Clara Gomes is originally from Portugal but is now living in Munich Germany. He has taken many tunes and spun his magic on them to pump up the beat a bit and give you that feeling that sends you to the dance floor. I love this song’s sound. When I listen to it, I feel the loosening grip of all of my many obligations and can sense the start of happy planning for my much anticipated bout of rest and relaxation. At the same time, this song’s lyrics joyfully remind me of our most recent multi-generational, (“The Young and The Old”), gatherings to celebrate some very happy and joyous occasions.

Almost not really believing it, I am traveling to my favorite sweet spot tomorrow. I love the idea of my soothing music from Midlake taking a turning twist with a pulsing steady beat. This remix has proved to be the perfect packing song because my first extended recess begins tomorrow! Happily, my mood is definitely changing….

Be sure to wait on the lyrics that begin around 2:40.

Bear the old and the young
Time will have warranted
All that the foliage brung
So bear the old and the young”

And I can’t let you leave me without listening to Midlake’s  beautiful original sound,  so here is one of my favorites. Antiphon means (in traditional western Christian liturgy) a short sentence sung or recited before or after a psalm or canticle……

“I want more”



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