Trampled by Turtles-Wild Animals


One of my favorite bands of all time, Trampled by Turtles, has a new song. I am a bit partial because I have a serious love for their music, but honestly this new song is truly spectacular and unforgettable. “Wild Animals” is soft, steady, and haunting. I find it to be very different from their other songs that are full of fast paced picking. Loaded with a lovely layering of instruments and vocals, it captures me from the start and fills my heart with a serious longing for more.

Just listen…

“There’s another world

it’s made for us

trapped in bodies

they’re made to rust

it’s a wonder I can break right through

I am ready how ’bout you?


By the coming dark

we try to breathe

and this just can’t be happening

we found everything we need

buried deep beneath the leaves


I see the better part of you

I see the better part of you

but I’m a monster just like you

wild animals, it’s true”


The new album by the same title, Wild Animals, will be out July 15.

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