Josh Halverson-Take Me To Forever

It seems like the bands I’ve been listening to lately are from Denton, Texas. Denton is just outside of Dallas and seems to be teaming with talent. Josh Halverson is no exception, he is Americana music at its finest. Even thought this has been out for awhile, it is some fine songwriting. “Take Me To Forvever” is a love song that would swoon any gal and make her weak in the knees. I especially love the deep drum beat and the sweet slide guitar.


A Sioux Indian and son of a cattle rancher in Texas, Josh Halverson, saw Gavin DeGraw in concert and was struck by his honesty and heartfelt performance. This experience was his subtle hint from the universe that he should be playing a guitar and writing songs. Thank heaven. Josh has a gift and has a lot of years to share his homegrown talent and be heard. The song, “Take Me To Forever”, is simply beautiful, but the album One Shot is worth an afternoon of your time and then some. I think you might agree that this isn’t my normal genre, but I recognize when a song touches my heart. Listen.

“The part of me that I hate the most

is right where I am now

through the ups and downs I look past the beginning

and I always look forward to the end

Like a stone

sank to the bottom of you

I gave you my will as your own

so won’t you lead me where you want to

I follow you where you go

and I look back and judge where I come”

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