The Kooks-Around Town

I was in need for a fast track to help me find my inner groove this Friday and yep….I found it.


What is not to love about The Kooks? I don’t know about you, but I have loved them for a while now. Formed in 2004, they have some impressive songs that have made it to my “keeper” song list. The Kooks are made up of Luke Pritchard (vocals, guitar), Peter Denton (bass), Hugh Harris (guitar), and Alexis Nunez (drums) from London. They have a new album, Listen, that will drop in early September. So far, they have released two great songs “Down” and “Around Town”.

The song I am featuring, “Around Town”,  is a serious departure from their other music. You will hear it, from the get go, with the infusion of an entertaining gospel choir in the background. They apparently worked with pioneer hip hop producer, Inflo, and have designed this sound with inventiveness in mind. According to Luke Pritchard, they were taking notice of other music out there and made an effort to remain fresh with their own music.

Mission accomplished.

“Around Town” will probably stay stuck in your head and you will want to listen again and again. With one powerful vocalist, a popping beat, and a memorable chorus of lyrics that resonates with most, it will surely move it right up there with the top tracks for the summer. Go on, listen, and  I hope you have  “someone to love you when the chips are down.”

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