Incan Abraham-Tuolumne

photo by David Uzzardi
photo by David Uzzardi

A happy accident…..That is an oxymoron, right?

Accidents usually happen and everyone freaks out that it is not supposed to be happening. Bad, bad, bad. Well, the happy accident of finding this band has helped me find some solace in the universe for today. Good, good, good. Accidents can actually be pleasant and meaningful. The band, Incan Abraham is one of those happy accidents.

Do you ever let e-mails pile up? Then, when you have a quiet moment, you go through those lost e-mails and realize there were some pretty important ones that you should’ve paid attention to? I just had an old e-mail that Incan Abraham was playing in Atlanta recently. Even though I missed the concert, I started listening to their music and found their sound to be surprisingly cool and peaceful for a Sunday evening.

This is “Tuolumne” from their EP, Tolerance, that came out this year.

The album is really fantastic. Although, when I research a band, I like to dig deeper and that’s when I found “In Milan” from an album they released in 2011. That’s when you know a band will make it. They have multiple songs that you would want on your playlist. Well, I know I do.

Listen and enjoy the last moments of your weekend.

Incan Abraham is a band out of  Los Angeles and call themselves dream/world/pop/hypnotica. A pretty broad description for a band that is sort of hard to describe. I just know that I really like their sound. Incan Abraham is Giuliano, Spencer, Andrew, and Teddy. Surprisingly, they have been friends since kindergarten. Even though they all eventually separated and went to colleges far apart, they found time to gather for a weekend that turned into a month of creativity and powerful music.

I honestly hate that I missed them.  Incan Abraham,  I hope you’ll come back to Atlanta.


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