Matt Kivel-Insignificance

Mood Monday.

It has a chill vibe, especially with the full harvest moon displaying its prettiness.


There are lots of myths and legends around the moon not being a very chill sign. The full moon is commonly associated with the appearance of werewolves, the crazy, extreme emergencies, and unusual amounts of crime and chaos. Actually, there is no real proof of this occurring, even after multiple studies and reports.

For me, tonight’s moon is a calming reminder of the universe and all of its repetitive cycles. A giant moon is one of those humbling forces of nature which makes me feel very small. I choose to enjoy the happy myths associated with the moon. Have you heard about the rabbit that lives on the moon or the man named Yue-Laou who unites pre-destined  couples together with a silk cord?


For me, this Monday has a laid back vibe and this song compliments that perfectly. There is something really cool about a deep, resonant guitar and soft, whispery vocals. Like the wild myths of the moon versus its haunting beauty, this song is in contrasts as well. I can’t make out all of the words in the song, but somehow, even though the title of the track is “Insignificance”, the lyrics don’t seem to be insignificant at all. A curious title for a compelling song.

“Insignificance” is from Matt Kivel‘s sophomore album, Days Of Being Wild, which was recorded over a six week period last year, in a small detached shed in LA. It makes sense to me that this may be the key to impeccably hip music. By recording this way, it seems so personal, almost as if he might be in the room just strumming out the notes and expressing his thoughts spontaneously. Honestly, I was first drawn to the song, “End of Adventure”, but I could only find the you tube. Somehow, I began watching, then just closed my eyes and let the music wash over me.


I highly recommend this album to listen to and to savor in those moments when you just want to lose those crazy inner thoughts, be laid back and dreamy, and maybe even gaze at the moon.

“goodnight stars

goodnight air

goodnight noises everywhere”

(excerpt from Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown)

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