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Sometimes my days are like this. Trying to do too much in one small period of time. Yep, I am one of “those people” that has difficulty making it to appointments on time, setting schedules, and completing tasks in a timely manner. What is my lame excuse? I really have none, except the truth. I am all in, when it comes to the moment I am experiencing. If you see me, I tend to stop what I am doing and connect with the person I am with. I refuse to look at a phone or a watch, when I am in mid-conversation. I really believe that every person I come in contact with can enlighten me. Yes, believe it or not, they really really do.

Music can be complicated too.

Something magical happens with the layering of instruments, vocals, and beats. It can be incredibly successful or it can become way too wild and experimental for my taste. A couple of my favorite bands have found this complicated layering successful. I am thinking specifically of Typhoon and Alt-J, although I know there are many more. Both of these bands have put creative license on their sound and style and it has proved to be amazing and balanced.

I listened to this song, “Folded Out”, and it made me take a serious pause. I had to listen again and again because I found it to be the perfect combination of layers of sound, folded onto each other. It builds beautifully to be a completely unique track. The depth of music and the lightness of the chants and vocals play aesthetically together and totally capture my attention.


 From Stolen Jars bandcamp site……

Cody Fitzgerald said, “I started writing Folded Out in the middle of the night. Molly and I had stayed up making Joseph Cornell-esque boxes. As the night went on, the boxes got better, the music got better. The song came out of that moment.

I wrote the music first, short riffs and bits that came to me in 45-second increments over the next few months. Even before adding vocals, I had to record over a hundred tracks before I felt like the song was whole.
This was one of the first songs I wrote for the album, it was the first song that pushed me towards this new sound, and so, it only makes sense that I should get to share this song first.
I’m so excited that people finally get to take a listen.
My friend John-Elio Reitman sang with me and my friends Elena Juliano, Steven Whiteley and Will Radin played flute, trumpet and some nice drums on the track.”
For me,
this song is breathtaking.
When folded
out of page
hands callow unclean
the sound of still refrain
just clips in between
a box lit warm
by home
on the twenty fourth
you gave me
our old nights––
we cut paper walls
again again
and now i
am folding them all
again again
i’ll wait
i’ll wait
i will not go
i will not go
let’s be young again
keep your hands close


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