Hospital-Right On

Yesterday, I was driving to a meeting with my sun roof open, minding my own business, when lo and behold, I was hit in the head with an large object! I thought it was a wayward branch that miraculously fell through my open roof. I was steady, held the wheel, and kept on driving. Whoa, completely perplexed and kind of weirded out, the first thought in my head was “the sky is falling”! Do you remember that classic story?

After waiting to get to a safe stopping point, I looked in my backseat to determine the strange culprit. I expected to see a giant branch. I searched and searched and began to seriously question my sanity.  I found nothing so I drove on to my meeting.

When I arrived at my destination, I found the head knocking criminal to be this…


Yep, an acorn. The embarrassing part of the story is that I answered a friend’s phone call after it happened, and I shared the story before I knew the cause. This is the story of my life….making mountains out of little mole hills. Call me the queen of exaggeration. Go figure. So a simple instant, suddenly became an embarrassing blip in need of explanation to an entire group of friends at the meeting. Aggh!

I decided on the way home, after my meeting, to consider that maybe the universe was trying to shout something important into my head. What are the chances of an object falling in my sun roof and actually hitting me on the head? It has to be one in a million, right?

Right on.

Today’s song, “Right On”, is one of those exciting stories. A song that I want to shout out to everyone. The band is Hospital and they are from Moscow, Russia. You would never believe that they aren’t already playing the likes of SXSW, Coachella, Govenor’s Ball or even Atlanta’s Shakey Knees. I have blogged about their music before, and they seem to really be making their mark, by continuing to write and play their music in their distinct style of indie-rock-pop. They are Yegor Berdnikov on lead vocals, guitar, Aleksey Shorin on bass, Andrey Tsvetkov on guitar, and Vladimir Balovnev on drums.



This song, “Right On” is their latest release, as of October 14th, from the EP, Satellite Flare. It is full of great music. I love that they have kept up with my little blog and sent me their current music. They rock! From their joyous thoughtful English lyrics to the shimmery strum of their guitars and popping drum beats, I find them to be all out catchy and vibrant. So, listen and love.

“Feeling like the wind blowing in my face

Isn’t it enough to feel that grace?

Isn’t it, Isn’t it, isn’t it good?

Isn’t it, Isn’t it, isn’t it good?

Right on! (3)

Autumn leaves are falling, to the ground

I can see them falling with no sound

Isn’t it, Isn’t it, isn’t it good?

Isn’t it, Isn’t it, isn’t it good?”

Okay, so I know you are thinking, she just said she exaggerates. Don ‘t take my word for it, this is the review on their first EP from….

 “Filled with wholesome and dreamy guitar lines and enchanting electronic atmospherics, Hospital has created an incredible piece of work here that could easily rival many of the Scandinavian and Brit pop bands around Europe”.
I wonder if they have a song or two in their native language? I would really enjoy listening to one and I bet some of my followers would too. A video of Hospital playing live, maybe?
Perhaps the giant acorn that dropped on my head was a way of telling me to make the world a smaller place. I think the heavens were whispering for me to find a way to bring new music from around the world and therefore, bridge gaps and divides, oceans and continents, one song at a time.
Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 1.42.25 PM






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