Carbon Tigers-Morning Bends

Mood Monday (sort of)

Did you see the sky today? Did you squint at the sunshine as it pierced downward through the bulk of leaves that haven’t fallen on the ground yet?

It was a day in Atlanta that should be spent outside and not in front of a computer. I worked most of the morning and had the joy of being out and about for the afternoon and into the early evening. It was a Monday where I have no complaints. All is good, in my small world.


This song, “Morning Bends”, has a joyous note to it that I can’t ignore. With interesting guitars and a chorus of pleasing voices, it seems to suit my mood for today. Carbon Tigers is a band from Chicago, Illinois. They are Chris – Vocals/Guitars/Bass, Nick – Guitar/Vocals, Aaron – Bass/Guitar/Keys/Vocals, and Darien – Drums/Vocals. In a recent interview the lead singer, Chris, discussed this song and how it was written,

“This song is about this time over the summer when my fiancé and I were dancing at home after a long night out,
  I was a little ‘unsteady’ and she broke her foot trying to pick me up!
 ‘Morning Bends’ reminds me of how precious she is.”

Ouch, a broken foot is probably the worst, but a lovely song came out of the craziness of the moment. This band is new to me, this song has just been released, and yet they have a couple of EP’s under their belt that are great listens as well.

The appealing vocals are intertwined with the music and some satisfying instrumentation. I especially enjoy the percussion at the end. I am hoping you will like their sound as much as I do. If you keep an eye on their website or facebook page, then you will catch the release of their newest music. Listen and enjoy.

Don’t miss their 2013 EP, The Wars At Home. It is just 5 songs, but 20 or so minutes of great music.

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