Mood Monday-Yumi Zouma-Alena

Mood Monday.

Why does the change in time bring so many people down?

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I was waiting, waiting, waiting in an emergency room last night until @ midnight and it felt like the wee hours of the morning. But, no matter, whatever hardship happens in the middle of the night, somehow miraculously the beautiful sunlight will peek through my bedroom window with its important, dependable consistency. The beauty of the light hitting my closed eyes, after so many weeks of waking in the dark, was a radiant moment for me. Despite my lack of sleep, the late night news of good health, and not the added illness expected, was also a driving force to my early morning sunshine joy. As the sun set tonight in record time, which was way too early for me, I was reminded of this spectacular fall day which proved to be a special gift to me as I drove here, there, and everywhere.

Sometimes, the music is all about the mood. Or, maybe, the mood is all about the music?

My early morning feelings delivered this musical choice today. This is a tune that needs to be in the Mood Monday mix. What is not to love? “Alena” is just a good soft-popping tune that has an ambient air of a lovely chill vibe. Go on and put it in your happy weekend mix, or maybe simply crank it up, listen today, and help make this Monday a little happier. Perhaps it will bring the weekend a little closer.

Yumi Zouma is Charlie Ryder, Josh Burgess and Kim Pflaum. From the soft sweet vocals of Kim, and the soft-indie subtle pop of the instrumentals, I have found musical, loosen up to the beat, love. I think it was a perfect compliment for them to tour with Lorde this fall. Yumi Zouma is from New Zealand and incredibly new on the music scene, but their songs and videos capture a seasoned accomplishment with a fresh clarity.


“We’re slippin’ away to forever”

More power to their music and their style. It is the perfect pulse for my mood today. Thank you, Yumi Zouma.


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