Soy Christmas-Get Upset

What begins as a simple guitar strum, moves to a conversational confession, and then shifts to a chorus of woos and powerful lyrics.

Wild Nothing-Reichpop

“Reichpop” clearly has an upbeat tempo with its striking marimbas, but it also holds a depth that is undeniable.

sir Was-A Minor Life

A Minor Life begins with looping bagpipes, a lovely Tame Impala-esque vocal, and then progresses to driving beats and recorder whistles swirled in electronica.

Mood Monday-Blonder-Lean

Lean is the perfect summertime song full of dreamy guitar strums, dancey drum beats and winning vocals.

Mood Monday-Mai Lan-Technique

Mai Lan, collaborator with M83 on their latest album, combines absurdity and reality in this witty electronic, dance tune.

Prateek Kuhad-Oh Love

Where did the weekend go? A busy weekend evaporates when there is way too much going on. I thank my lucky stars I am obsessed with new music, and found Prateek Kuhad….

Mood Monday-Mt Wolf-Hex

The beginning of the week seems like the perfect time to listen to a song which helps to ease a messy mind, one with too much to do and too little time to complete those tasks.

Sierra Manhattan-Moonburned Girl

Mood Monday. I’m not really sure of my mood today, but I totally connect with this song. The band is incredibly talented with a heart-warming fuzzy sound.  Their style is lo-fi and raw, but honest and pure. Sierra Manhattan has somehow captured love and a snippet of confusion. The guitars are stellar (starting at 3:22,…