Mood Monday-Palace-I Want What You Got

Mood Monday

I was lucky to find time for a weekend away. Even though, part of it was a constant downpour, I had one day of walking the blustery beach and finding special shells.


The deserted knobbed whelk (upper left) happens to be the state of Georgia shell, and the lettered olive (upper right) the state of South Carolina shell. Both of these places have a deeply carved place in my heart. I consider them both my “home”.  I have been reading Gift From The Sea again, and I love the imagery and significance that Anne Morrow Lindbergh puts into each shell she finds on the beach. Throughout that lovely read, and years of beach walking, I have learned to wait patiently for the most beautiful specimen of a shell to come to my attention. It is usually happenstance, because I don’t always look down at the beach when I walk. I look out at the tide, the birds, the cozy homes, and of course the happy children squealing with delight at each approaching wave. Fall at the beach is different and quiet and contemplative. One rarely finds another walker, but when you do, you are somehow assured that they are kindred spirits that appreciate and  soak in the joy of the ocean and all of its treasures. So, when approached by a passing beach walker, I can’t help but greet them as if they are close friends.

I am drinking coffee now and thinking about packing up, leaving my slice of heaven, and facing the long ride ahead. Sadness of moments missed, activities unaccomplished, and well frankly, it seems to be, not enough time spent enjoying this enchanting place. I know that I must go forth in my life, and return to the hustling, bustling city. I must refocus my thoughts on the impending family gatherings of cooking and preparing for another, living large Thanksgiving.

How does time move so fast and how do I find myself here once again, already?  The speeding train of life passes this way once again and I wish that I could slow it down just a bit and have a chance to look out the window and happily admire the view that seems to go tumbling by. My joyous walks on the beach make time stand still for a quiet, brief moment. Thank you, universe, for allowing me the chance to experience that from time to time.

Credit Hollie Fernando Photography
Credit Hollie Fernando Photography


It is such a beautiful thing to find a band and honestly not know which song to post from their EP.

Lost In The Night. is a compilation of songs worth taking a moment to appreciate like a sacred specimen of the beach. Each and every song stands strong on its own legs and each has its own glint of  artistic expression. From the soulful, bluesy vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and the deeply toned guitar strums, I have honestly found musical bliss. There is something so amazing at finding this kind of crazy talent. I am blessed to experience it in all of its glory and perfection, clearly, as if I have stumbled upon the most incredible shell on a vast and deserted beach.

The band is Palace from London, and the song that makes me weak in the knees is, “I Want What You Got”. They are so new and yet have a voice and  a tune with a deeply soulful maturity.

“My lungs are your lungs, inhale the flame…..

You’re my fire, you’re my spark, you’re my savior ….you light up the dark”



The lyrics, the voice, the guitar…..they are unique and a band that should be shared and appreciated. Listen, and I think you might just put them on repeat for your holiday.

May your week be one of joy, and appreciation for the small and distinct moments of beautiful expression. I hope you find those sparks that light up the dark.

Yes, I am truly thankful.



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