This song is perfection. It is an interesting question for a birthday week, or any week. The subtle, soft start of quiet, heart beating instruments begs a well thought out response….how would you respond?

“Who are you?

Who are you?”

I think it is important to ask that question, then listen to your quiet voice, deep within your soul.

“what’s your true

true sound”

I believe it is healthy to always ask those important questions, review what makes you tick, and how those around you connect to your heart, soul, and life vibe. I am lucky that I get it. Sometimes I can be too deep, brooding, and emotional, but I ask those questions of myself often, and it helps me to define my sense of self.

The connection with the words and the music is such a beautiful plus.



I take crazy liberties with interpreting the music I listen to. I don’t ever think my thoughts and connections are how others might experience the music, but I do want all listeners to experience the songs and decide for yourself. Listen, experience, and determine your “true sound”.



Osca is a new band that I found through my submissions. I really love their EP by the same name. It has 4 lovely songs written by Jack Kenworthy, who is the lead guy. He is still in school in East London, so I expect there will be more to come. I am seriously hoping anyway. If you like them, check out their Facebook page so you can get regular updates.

They have released one song at a time from the EP and “Trumpet” is the last, and lo’ and behold, they just released it yesterday. I wish I could shout out to the other members, but they are so new, all I know is Alex, Dom, and Sean. I love hearing a new sound and a new band. True talent that you should listen to, right now.

“What’s your true, true sound?”


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