Jasia-Safety and Inverbatim


Life is slower and happier on a holiday like Turkey Day (Thanksgiving). But this Saturday of my holiday weekend, is full of heart pounding football rivalries. For the past few hours, we have been watching two games at once on our television. The need for stellar skills at changing channels quickly and effectively without missing key plays, may have contributed to a frantic afternoon of frustration, exasperation, and disappointment. One of my teams lost and my other favorite team went into overtime. Nothing like a Saturday afternoon full of serious football feuding. I am crossing my fingers and praying that overtime will bring a chance at some bragging rights.

My music listening headphones have been on and off during the last few minutes of the game due to the amount of yelling, loud heaves, and humpfs of aggravation. This has been one long, bad season for some of my favorite football teams. I always hate it when college football is over and this year might be the worst, because the chance to redeem themselves will not ever happen.

Unfortunately, it was a quick overtime and ended in a bitter second loss. Dang! The only good thing about this day is that I have a calming, mood enhancing song ready to key up just in time for a bummer day of football like today. Sadness can’t hang around long when I can listen to a good tune, a really good tune.


This exciting new talent, Jasia, should be listened to and appreciated for the soft mood enhancing music he creates. It clearly helps to relieve my football stress and sets up a perfect Saturday afternoon/evening. Jasia is only 23, and interestingly was born in Jamaica, raised in the US, but at 18, moved to Australia. His music is an appealing genre of  indie/alt music and dubbed, “orchestral dream pop”. This song, “Safety”, is bass-heavy with an ambient cyclical vocal and a synthesized rock instrumentation.


One song just isn’t enough for me on this frustrating football Saturday. I have to also share another tune by him, that was selected as a winner of  Triple J Unearthed’s NIDA competition.  Listen and melt into your own happy blissful space with me. Keep yours ears out for Jasia, hopefully there is more to come. Enjoy!

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