Prateek Kuhad-Oh Love

Mood Monday

A weekend has come and gone, again.

Did you do and say all you wanted to?

Funny, I didn’t even feel as if I had a weekend due to a WordPress Camp and then I went into major laundry/packing mode for a trip with family. Okay, I am honestly not complaining in the least. My weekend was full of networking, learning, and planning. Perhaps, it was my lack of connecting/missing my dearest friends, a scarcity of relaxation, or not being able to recharge my batteries, which made me feel as if the weekend came and somehow I missed it.

Do you ever feel that way? I hate that I have to wait for another weekend and hope for a better outcome.


I love the springtime, because my activities ramp up. I just need to be sure to take some time to reflect and truly enjoy them. When I go from one thing to the next, I can easily burn out. I am very social, but I also need a sufficient amount of time to recuperate, breathe, and a moment to plan!

Thank goodness for incredible music and my blog. It forces me to take some time to listen, you know, really listen to music. I admit, I am a bit obsessive and listen to songs, over and over and over. My listening almost becomes meditative and surprisingly rejuvenating.

Wishing to be there, I have looked over the Austin SXSW acts with genuine envy and have listened to as many bands attending, as I can get my ears wrapped around. It has been amazing! I found some cool discoveries, simply from my own personal research. I am hoping you might dig them too.

Today’s Mood Monday is a case in point. I was smitten by my first listen, but I continue to appreciate the cool trajectory of this young singer/songwriter. To be able to travel so far from home and attend a Texas festival from India simply  boggles my mind.

This speaks to the global power of music and the effect it can have in a second, based on a blog post, a concert, a share from a friend, or simply a stumble upon discovery!

But more importantly, Prateek Kuhad touches on the lovely human need to connect and fully commit to love, with patience and confidence, in the depth of desire.


Prateek Kuhad-Oh Love!


“Don’t worry about me, I’ve got another hour or so to kill
Don’t worry about me, I’ll find another place to begin
It’s overdone, have faith, have patience my love
It’s an overture, the rest is yet to come
Oh, it’s time, oh love, be mine No go slow, so high, so low
Don’t worry about me, I’ll fake another trip to reverie
Don’t worry about me, I’ve got a million tricks up my sleeves we’ll never know, how near, how far can this go
So don’t you fret, my dear, by now you should know
Oh oh, it’s time, oh love be mine behold these eyes, oh love it’s time
Behold these eyes, there’s a fire that burns inside my soul, go feign another side of you tonight,
is for another time
for another time
Oh oh, it’s time, to make up your mind Don’t waste time, oh love be mine
Oh love be mine…”


Prateek Kuhad – Photo by Parizad D


Prateek Kuhad is an Indian singer/songwriter from Jaipur. He has a unique blend of minimal, folk arrangements and pop rock melodies. He effortlessly captures life’s complexities in his songs  with guitar strumming talent. Attending New York University to study Math and Economics, he somehow found a musical path and has captured an audience in multiple countries due to his multi-lingual songs and unique style. The song, “Oh Love” is from his debut album, In Token And Charms, which was released in early 2015.

I am just finding his songs and heart-felt melodies, and find the discovery to be a welcome blessing on this Monday. I will try to see each day, as a chance to connect and find the joy that my weekend usually brings. Surely this is the perfect mindset to welcome a new season.

Happy Spring y’all!

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