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Mood Monday


Yesterday, I was racing the setting sun. I was determined to squeeze in a bike ride, but it was late, and the sun sets so early now. I wanted to cycle 40 miles, but sadly only got in about 23. I don’t usually ride so late in the day, but I was contentedly struck by the beauty of the low sun and the lengthy shadows that were the result of this time of day. I have to admit it was a little blinding and worrisome. I always fear the crash…..I have had my share and don’t want another. Stretching out the last moments of a long weekend seemed to be of utmost importance in my mind. I love November and just really didn’t want it to end.


Then, miraculously, driving home I saw the lovely lights of December. Houses were twinkling in the early evening of a day spent decorating and preparing for Christmas. I was reminded how I also love December. I love the sparkle, and the warmth of lights on a cold evening. This warmed my soul in such a happy way. I refuse to panic about my own decorating. I vow to take my time, and truly enjoy this season of love. My mood is a magical one today. Won’t you enjoy this moment with me?

“Love will keep us,

love will keep us together, always”

Isn’t this month supposed to be all about love? Well, that is my take on it today. The song “December” is from the album Earth Lens. The band is Alt-Ctrl-Sleep, and they are from a small town in North Carolina, and it is no surprise to me that they are a husband and wife duo. Joe and April Diaco make music that is simple, melodic, and dreamy. There is not a lot out there about this cool duo that writes songs of love. But perhaps quiet means they are working on something new. Check out their bandpage or Facebook.

Happy December, y’all!



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