Fairchord & Fixer-Gateway


The path into the past,

rightly led for meaning in

nothing can change, only the way you see it

colorful forgetfulness, we won’t regret it less

question it any less, bearing in consciousness….

What more could I ask, but what is in the past

could it be more, or even seem like more

what is lost,  begs to be found again,

it comes around again, whether we like it

We all become, we all become, we all relate…”


I have joyously stumbled upon a very cool, very new experimental electropop song and it is perfectly complimented by an artistic time-lapse video. Christian Erickson is the band, Fairchord & Fixer, with Janey Winterbauer and Mykl Westbrooks also contributing on this wowing track, “Gateway”.


Christian has been connected with a boatload of music in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, but Fairchord and Fixer is the newest project he started working on over the holidays. Christian Erickson has captured a sound that makes me want to hear more and more, and happily he has also recently released other tracks that are equally intriguing. Check out the facebook page and you can watch/hear them all.

I think, “we all become, we all become, we all relate” is so very catchy and will forever be embedded in my sing songy brain. May you sing with me and enjoy the last few moments of the weekend.





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