POP ETC-Running In Circles

Running around in crazy circles…..Life.




Guess I should recognize that all things move on. By now, you would think I would have learned a thing or two, but I am finding that my learning curve is constantly growing and changing. Why, you might ask? Well, I am just not ever going to be stagnant. I have to learn more, try new things, and with that comes a little fear and growth, and sometimes running in circles.

No matter.

I can always choose to get off of the circle train, back-up, or continue on and hope for a change. I need to remember that a circle can be a beautiful thing. A potential place for contemplation and maybe it provides time to carefully examine choices.

Come full circle, go around in circles, vicious circles, are all idioms we use every day. So, fortunately this reminds me that I am not alone.

“I can see your eyes, I can see your eyes looking for new life
Where there once was a heart some kind of beat now is incomplete
No matter how many times, I tell myself it was right
Everyday I know, I can only play this way to lose the fight.”

Today, listening to this lovely 80’s wave sound, and its moody infectious melody, I find a little strength in my thoughts. Yep, music helps me to clarify my life and move toward getting off that crazy circle ride. You know the one at the fair that makes you dizzy and sick?


POP ETC is a Brooklyn band that used to be named The Morning Benders from San Francisco, CA. Even though they have had the new name, POP ETC, for a few years, the song, “Running In Circles” seems to have solid traction as a likeable new track. I really like this new song and am happy that it screams the possibility of a POP ETC new album in 2015. Synth is here to stay and I love the way they modern up the 80’s sound and move toward this style, even though we all know they have a strong acoustic/indie folk sound. It’s totally moody, but somehow upbeat and fun, maybe the album will capture ALL of their talent and mix it up a bit.

That is my wish, if anyone is listening.


Now, I will try to square up my circle and move on another interesting path. Maybe I will take time to sit in one of those corners for awhile and hibernate. What an amazing difference a day can make, full of possibilities.



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