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Mood Monday.

I’m in need of a chill, mellow, vibe for this holiday Monday. I hope you were off from work and able to dream, volunteer for others, catch up with friends, or recuperate from the weekend.


For me, I had a happy surprise visitor (Yay!) and also a catch-up lunch with a dear friend that I have been missing for way too long. Don’t you love it when you practically close a lunch place down due to compelling and thoughtful conversation catch-up? Well, we weren’t the last ones to leave, but almost!

When I check in with my dear friends, I realize that there are some you just pick up, right where you left off. They are good listeners, and honestly want to hear about what is happening in your life. The really “true friends” make the time to be there for me.

I love that.

I need to check in more often with people in my life and make the time to be a good listener for them, as well. Doing so, opens my eyes to exciting possibilities that I may not have ever thought to explore. Today is a case in point.  Travel ideas, expanding our network of friendships and relationships….maybe even a part time job!

Dreaming and believing in another person brings so much joy right back into my life. Boomerang! They have no idea about the positive influence that they infuse in my life. Thank you….

So chill with me and enjoy a sultry, cool vibe.

The band is Orthy from Austin, Texas. Okay, serious disclosure, Austin is my dream destination right about now……I love the idea of going to SXSW and blogging about my experiences. I just can’t put the money together, but I will one day and maybe even see Orthy live!



Orthy is Ian (Ian Orth), Jeramy, Jordan, Markus, and Michael. They create a somewhat chill electric dance music that pulls in all of your senses and you inadvertently tap your toes and toss your hair at the beat and the harmonies. The esoteric loveliness of the harmonies has me a fan forever! Amazing swirling sounds of intricate layers of smooth instrumental music, makes for a mood Monday joyous tune. Thanks for the happy Monday Mood Vibe!

I can’t leave you with just one tune…. This one is another favorite of mine because it is more guitar driven. Enjoy!




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