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Mood Monday.

Hold on and don’t let go. This is just doggone beautiful. There is something so amazing about the combination of lovely lyrics and ethereal, alluring music that expresses the crazy beauty of love and the wedges the world and living, place in between.

I wish I could unite the oceans in between all relationships. Hardships, miscommunication, illness, money worries, conflict, power struggles and even loss… is so darn messy. I truly believe love conquers all and unflinching patience is an important part. Listen with me, and by doing so, maybe we will somehow narrow the divide.

“I want you

Yea, I want you

and nothing comes close

to the way that I need you

I wish I could feel your skin

and I want you

from somewhere within

Feels like there’s oceans between me and you once again….”


The guitar strumming start, to the song “Oceans”, is so simple, but then it gradually builds to a complex wave of surround sounds and vocal emotion. Their new EP, with the same name, (out a few days ago) sheds a light on the chemistry that they share in their creative craft of songwriting and belting out love songs that will make you melt. Seafret is a band that you need to put on your “stop what you are doing”, listen zone.

I know, I have.

Seafret is Jack Sedman (vocals)  and Harry Draper (guitar). They are an acoustic duo with powerful original music that speaks volumes. From the north-east of England they chose the name Seafret as a pun on the guitar fret board, but it’s also a local term which applies to the rolling mists that come in off the North Sea during the summer. Both the sons of men who have their names etched  in musical brilliance (Tom Waits and John Martyn), Seafret have begun to make their own unique, gifted mark.




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