Ultimate Painting-Ultimate Painting

Mood Monday.

The ice and snow didn’t show up this time, but the bone chilling cold and dampness feels as if it should’ve arrived.


Yep, Atlanta was prepared for the gloom and doom of a second snowmageddon. All of the preparedness probably sent the worrying weather elsewhere.  I will never say never, because I think the wet dripping trees still might ice over as the temperatures drop tonight, but maybe the craziness of hours on a highway waiting to get home will be happily averted.

While you might be stuck at home watching whole seasons of shows or the latest On Demand Oscar contender movies, I am thinking that a happy music break might be just what the doctor ordered. So please, in case of an emergency or just a need to mix it up……listen to this.

Brrrrrr. This will warm you up!

“I don’t know what I’m thinking

blind faith never blinking…”


Jack Cooper & James Hoare are Ultimate Painting. The two formed a fast friendship when Jack’s band Mazes (U.K.) were on tour supporting James’ band Veronica Falls, sharing similar tastes in music, art & films. It wasn’t until after returning home that a musical synergy was formed.



A powerful synergy indeed, one which seeps into my ears and my head on this cold damp day. With their connected mutual interest in The Velvet Underground, they bring about a naturally classic, vintage sound. Their debut album on Trouble in Mind Records titled Ultimate Painting has the same name as the song, as well as, the band I am sharing today. Don’t forget the name because this band is definitely going places, just you wait and see.

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