Apex Shrine-All For You


Cold and hunkered down? This ripping 70’s inspired rock will definitely warm you up. I am sure of it.

Guitar love, right here, right now.

As if you couldn’t possibly sway to the swagger of the music and the professed love, then just wait for the guitar solos and crushing drums. Maybe we can just heat up the temps with music. Anything is possible, right?




Apex Shrine is a psychedelic-blues rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. They record in a basement at the corner of Apex and Tahiti. The basement is their shrine. The vibe is pure rock and roll and is a little of a departure from my usual listening, but I had to share their masterful music on probably one of the coldest days of 2015.

An epic day for an epic band! There you go.



Apex Shrine are brothers, Jack and Dan Eschmann (guitars and vocals), joined by Brandon Pesek who just started playing the bass a couple of years ago, and Nathan Wilson (aka Crazy Willy) on the drums. They have been playing in the St. Louis area for a while now and have been working on an album entitled, Half Baked. They are writing, playing, recording, and promoting it all by themselves. The work makes them deeply invested in the creativity and originality of this project.

Hear ye hear ye, this is good stuff right here!

Now, if I could just figure out how to get a copy…….

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