Oh Geronimo-Mountains

Roadblocks, obstacles, and obstructions happen to us all. They seem to come out of nowhere and throw off our natural rhythm and mess with our casual stride. We curse them, we cry about them, and we dig in and try to right things.

Perhaps these moments are for teaching purposes. Perhaps they are changing our course for a solid worthy reason. I have to trust this might be true. Today, as I spend my seventh day away from home and my fourth day of patiently waiting in a hospital room for my father to be diagnosed and given a healing plan, I can intelligently contemplate such things.

The world of illness is one we don’t ever really consider until it is sitting at our door, smirking in our face. My grandmother used to always say, “When you have your health, you have everything.”

So why do we continue to take it for granted? Why do we take relationships and people for granted? They could all be gone tomorrow in the blink of an eye.

I know first hand.

As I sit patiently, and am startled by a loud roaring snore from my father’s deep slumber, I pray for answers, good health, and continued care.

I love and I will not break. For love is where every roadblock, every obstacle, and every obstruction should return us to…..

Oh Geronimo-Mountains

Oh Geronimo is a new band for me. They are a five piece indie folk /post rock band from Burlington, Ontario.

Oh Geronimo is releasing a new album, The Sled, on February 9th. “Mountains” is their second song release which helps give us a taste of what is yet to come with the new album. The single begins with a steady acoustic guitar, then the lead voice expresses lyrical wisdom while igniting a chorus of sound. Creative finger picking and a purposeful drumbeat beg toe tapping while getting lost in the soothing beat and internalizing the important message of overcoming obstacles.

Oh Geronimo break it down…

“‘Mountains’ is about straddling that thin line between ambition and humility. Everybody wants to be successful and sometimes we go to great lengths to achieve what we want to achieve, but it’s very important to keep our ego in-check. We must be kind to each other and ourselves. It’s easy to get consumed by goals and aspirations to the point where it brings you and everyone else around you down. The song is about withstanding the pressure to compromise who we are in order to be successful.”

I can totally relate, and face boulders of hurdles. I must learn to overcome them in order to experience life to its fullest potential. Does this describe you on occasion?

Music can help and give support when you get to your last straw and remind you of the deep strength you have in your core. “Mountains” is a convincing tune which does just that. After all, metamorphic rock’s strength comes from intense heat, immeasurable pressure, and time.

As I wait, worry, and pray, I think I will listen to this song on repeat. Won’t you listen with me?

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